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Bhimber 20/Sep/2005 at 09:45 PM
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I notice that the frame artwork for this site is from John Howe. I think he’s done a superb job of depicting ME and thats how I would have done it (had I the ability). Some of his art concepts for the movies were spot on. Some weren’t as I imagined them - but there you go. What do others think?


Sulrin 20/Sep/2005 at 10:32 PM
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  I think both John Howe and Alan Lee both did fabulously.  I give PJ credit for taking these renouned Tolkien inspired artists and letting them loose. You can see how some of the sets built come right out of their artwork.
Phil_d_one 21/Sep/2005 at 12:26 AM
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John Howe remains one of my favourite Middle-Earth artists (up there along with Nasmith). I personally love his depictions of locations, particularly Gondolin, Minas Tirith and Orthanc. Yes, I do cringe at some of his characters, particularly Dúrin’s Bane and Glaurung, but on the whole, I would have to agree, he did do an amazing job.
nida 21/Sep/2005 at 01:32 AM
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Amazing is the right word, John Howe did a fabulous job with the locations it carries you away to that time and that place. And the characters are so convinsing its like you are actually looking at them in the flesh, it gives the movies that extra thing that makes it realistic.
Wídfara 21/Sep/2005 at 02:33 AM
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I love John Howe’s artist’s vision of Middle Earth. I recently purchased a copy of his book Myth and Magic. In addition to art about ME there are other works that he has produced for several books. The pictures are as others have said, amazing and for the most part match up nicely with how I would have imagined places and individual characters
Bashrat 21/Sep/2005 at 03:23 AM
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John Howe is very good, and so is Alan Lee, but personally I prefer the works of Ted Nasmith, especially for his highly dramatic landscapes. I also like the Tolkien inspired pictures of the Brothers Hildebrandt, because of the incredible details.

Ernil Lólindir 28/Sep/2005 at 11:50 AM
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