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Aragorn Elessar 07/Aug/2006 at 08:40 PM
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An elf stands in the centre of the room, clutching a piece of parchment. To her left, resting on a mahogany desk, is a pile of papers, a quill and a photograph of a female elf, her grandmother. As you enter, the elf turns to you and says with a smile and says: "Mae Govannen, mellon nin. My name is Arele and I am the principal of the School of Imladris. Please, take a seat. If you donít mind waiting a moment, we will start shortly." As she says this, Arele walks up to the podium and begins:

"Welcome, my fellow elves and kin. As you may know, my name is Arele and I am here to tell you about the beginning of an exciting new activity to occur in our kingdom of Rivendell. As you are now aware, you are standing in the School of Imladris. Here we will discuss the writings, ideas and opinions of Professor J.R.R Tolkien, as well as other notable writers. There will be four subjects available.

Split it into 4 parts, with one or two teachers each:
~ Lands of Middle-Earth (where the teacher could have lessons on
non-elven cultures)
~ History of Middle-Earth (this could be any Lore subject of the
teacherís choosing)
~ People of Middle-Earth (choose one important character and discuss them)
~ Language (actually teach Sindarin/Quenya/Tengwar)

The subjects will switch off so that each subject area was discussed for one week. That way, there would be approximately one "rotation" per month. The teacher would post the "lecture" on the chosen day, discuss it the rest of the week, and then give a written assignment towards the end of the week, which would essentially be writing things for the Library.
But of course, before any of this can occur, we need dedicated, knowledgeable people to teach others. And that now brings me to the purpose of this meeting. Here you can apply for the position of teacher of your chosen subject. So please, post in your application including a paragraph (or more, if you wish!) relating to the subject, showing where your knowledge lies and how you would go about teaching. Anyone can be a teacher, so if you feel that you have something to offer, apply! apply! apply!


Applications Close: 17th August 2006
Students can begin to enrol: 18th August 2006
School Starts: 1st September 2006


OOC: This thread, where we will be discussing the works of Tolkien relating to Rivendell,elves etc. will be operated OOC, with a little bit of RPing...
Any questions? Ask away!


The main kingdom thread can be found HERE

*Thankyou to Gala and Lori for helping with this opening post!*

*Thanks to Bael for okaying this thread!*

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halfir 21/Oct/2006 at 06:40 AM
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As this apparently is not proceeding can we please remove it from AL as it seems pointless to clutter  our Advanced Lore thread with adverts for things that are not taking place.