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Thorin Ruthanin 01/Oct/2006 at 10:18 AM
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is there more on middle earth or just wwat they should is there anything farther north anymore bad guys evil elves spirits more dragons orcs trolls who are good and simple dragons who are good more dwarves more men more elves bigger beasts wizards idk help me out on this ppl my rouse my curiousity thx

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Phil_d_one 01/Oct/2006 at 11:00 AM
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We don’t know what there is to the North, only that there is land, presumably inhabited beyond the bounds of the maps we are given, even to the North. We can safely say that there were no wizards further North, since Tolkien’s final idea on the subject were that the five Wizards we know of were in fact the only ones in Middle-earth. ’Good’ Dragons are an unlikelihood because dragons weren’t evil to begin with, but their very nature prevents them being anything that we could consider as ’good’.  Beyond that, it’s completely open to speculation (within reason, of course )

Radagast Rasta 01/Oct/2006 at 11:15 AM
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Yeah we don’t know. And quite frankly it make me angery! I just can’t stand seeing a map where there is more to be unvieled! It also makes me mad because just think how many more stories Tolkien could have wrote concerning those other lands. It would have been awesome.....but nooooo he had to die. Curse Eru’s "gift" to man!
Thorin Ruthanin 01/Oct/2006 at 03:50 PM
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it should not make you angry should inspire your imagination more than anything who knows wat might be up their i’d like to think theres an entirely different conflict going on North who knows just let it sizzle in your mind any ideas you can think of post em here i’d love to hear more
Mariniquitis 01/Oct/2006 at 04:02 PM
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I agree with Thorin, the idea of there not being a fully created map lets you create a world that exists outside the boundaries and maybe inspire your own creative outputs, such as writing and drawing, this is what i base my work on


Arieda Rushlight 03/Oct/2006 at 04:58 PM
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I agree with Thorin AND Mariniquitis. Anything that can provoke thought and spur creativity should be welcomed whole-heartedly. I wonder, do you think Tolkien would be happy with what his work created? I mean, do you think he’d be pleased at all with all of the incredible things he’s inspired?
God 03/Oct/2006 at 05:57 PM
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The same can really be said to the East.  The map just kind of trails off in that direction, with a real lack of detail and knowledge, presumably since no cartographers ever traveled that far east and made it back to chronicle it.  We know that in the Eastern realms lived the clump of men called Easterlings, but as far as their lifestyle, where and how they lived, and what Easterling life was like (outside of war) is really a mystery.

That’s where your imagination takes over.  Many Plaza RPGs have spawned from the lack of knowledge about the Eastern reaches.  Maybe the lost Wizards are still there?  Do the Easterlings have massive cities?  Where do they get all the Oliphaunts from?  What kind of terrain is it?  Where does it end?  All questions with no real answers to them except what you believe.

I’ve always perceived the Eastern realms to be similar to eastern Europe and Western Asia.  Kind of like the dry, arid steppes of the souther Soviet Union, with rocky and desert areas like the Middle East.  But who can say for sure, that’s just what I believe.

Arvellas 09/Oct/2006 at 05:20 PM
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Of course there is more to Middle-earth; we just haven’t seen all of it, but that doesn’t mean that the world just drops off behond the edges of the maps.  There is Harad to the South, Rhun to the East, Aman to the West (though that was later removed from the circles of the world) and there used to be Númenor and Beleriand, before they both sank.  We see the areas in which a lot of the stories take place, but outside that, probably the reason we don’t have any maps is because so little is known about them, and there would therefore be so little to put on the map.
Jinniver Thynne 10/Oct/2006 at 02:26 PM
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I love those incomplete maps, they stir my imagination about what lies beyond the edges of the page. I don’t just imagine desert and steppe but lost lush green lands, beyond the sea of Rhun. Imagine if you could find Cuivienen, which must be a paradise, with its inland sea surrounded by rocks. Maybe there are even some Elves there who never ever left, an ancient culture of Elves who never saw the Light, nor moved West.

What about the Last Desert where the wild were-worms live?

Or even those unexplored coasts of Middle-earth, wild and exposed to the open sea. Are there fishing villages there? Or just empty beaches, where shells wash up from the lost land of Numenor under the sea?

Laielinwen 10/Oct/2006 at 03:38 PM
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Jinniver... you are after my own heart! haha I love how you think! I imagine what it must be like as well. I believe Tolkien himself probably sat imagining and drawing and jotting down notes. There is no telling how much more he would have shown us if he had had more time! I wonder what all was in his mind as he pondered the middle-earth he created... the things he thought but never actually put down on paper anywhere.

I think it is actually pretty wonderful that the borders are left open to the imagination! I think Tolkien would love that people enjoy what he created and imagine what would lie beyond the edges.

Arvellas 10/Oct/2006 at 08:01 PM
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Since Tolkien’s Middle-earth was essentially our earth set in an imaginary time, there would certainly be lots more to the East (Rhun/Asia) and to the South (Harad/Africa).  Just imagine all the strange characters that could be in those lands...and the wildlife!  In Harad, there were the mumakil, elephantine creatures, and therefore, I would imagine, lots of other animals similar to what you would find in Africa.
Durin of Moria 22/Nov/2006 at 01:44 AM
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I don’t think there will be more lands or seas to the north of what of is known as Forodwaith. Hecaraxe in the first age should be the northern most of all lands ( or water, seas ) because Morgoth is told in The Simarillion that he came from over the walls of the night ( which is the wall bordering Arda in the North ) and step up his fortress at the North, Angband and Utumno. Angband is not far from Beleriand which is just west of Ered Luin. That makes Angband at the location west of Forodwaith. As for elves and mem in the north, there might be. There are the Avari( which is elves that stay at Curuvienen ) and they might wander even to the north and the south. The men who did not have the guidience of the Valar also travel at all directions, north, east, south or west ( who is the edain and some of the easterlings.