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Bearamir 06/Oct/2006 at 09:38 PM
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Please stay tuned for an official Ad Lore Forum announcement.... (Take it away, Varda Elbereth!)
VardaElbereth 07/Oct/2006 at 05:06 PM
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Thank you milady, Bael!

Yeah, you!  The person reading this post!  And why do we want you?  Read on, be ye Hobbit, Man, Elf, Dwarf, or Minion.

Have you tried using your lore knowledge in a competitive setting? Debating is one of the most rewarding activities on the Plaza and calls for in depth knowledge and understanding of lore. I see many awesome loremasters on the Plaza and I wonder why they arenít involved with the Debate League. We are just starting our 6th season so this activity is something that is tried and proven over the years. Each year the League has become more and more competitive and can bring a real sense of excitement to anyoneís Plaza experience. A great debate post is arguably the hardest post you will ever make. But with this difficulty level comes an equally over the top sense of pride and accomplishment. As an Admin I often hear members complain about not being noticed or ignored. A member writes a great lore post and is not even responded to. Kind of feels like you are on an island by yourself doesnít it? If you become a member of a Kingdom Debate Team I guarantee that you will not be ignored or passed over. Quite the contrary. Debate allows any member to put their talents out there on the line for everyone to see. So if you are a talented writer as well as a talented lore person than what are you waiting for? Join Debate today. The rewards are too many to list here!!!

This Message has been brought to you by Hoth

Questions?  Comments? Concerns?  Feel free to post them here and Hoth and I are ready and willing to answer you.  And for your convenience:

Yes, we are clickable!  And, in general, if there is a sign-up thread listed here, you should post there first.
Imladris Debate HQ
Khazad-dum Debate HQ
Minas Tirith Debate HQ   Minas Tirith sign-up thread
Rohan  Debate HQ  Rohan sign-up thread
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Fangorn Debate HQ
Mordor Debate HQ
IK Debate HQ

And if any debate person walks in and sees that a thread Iíve got here links to the wrong place, let me know and Iíll have it changed.

<Nessa Edit:  Best of Luck!>