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king elessar 88 24/Oct/2006 at 12:41 PM
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Mae govannen means well met
Le hannon means thank you
Hantale means thanks
If anyone has any more useful elvish please post a reply  

<Language Mod edit>: Edited to comment that while in fact S. Mae govannen is correct, the S. verb *hanna- is speculative and phonologically could not exist from the stem it is derived from. Also, Q. hantalŽ is from EruhantalŽ "Thanksgiving to Eru" but it is unclear whether -hantalŽ literally means ’thanking’ or refers to honouring Eru, since it comes from the stem HAN- "to honour or increase".

Stiffler Vaneyar 24/Oct/2006 at 06:11 PM
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King Elessar 88 - It is great to see another member taking some enthusiasm in the languages of Tolkien. I would hope that you will continue reading and studying these languages, and practice them so that you can one day have a lot of fun speaking it with other fanatics of lotr. Also, welcome to the Plaza! I’m sure you will enjoy your time here.

Just noe thing though, instead of opening new discussions, why not try to find threads already opened on the same topics as these ones you are opening and take part in them. You’ll still be acknowledged, and you’ll make yourself look a lot better by showing that you know where to post. There are plenty of threads in this forum about elvish (in fact, there are several types of elvish...not just one) and other languages. So take some time and read those and take part in them. It’s a lot of fun jumping into a discussion. You’ll be able to understand how things run here, better, too.

Have fun, keep practicing, and take care. I would add some more translations myself...but like I said, there are so many other threads here with those things, that you could probably help more by adding to these threads rather than starting them over again.