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king elessar 88 26/Oct/2006 at 03:04 AM
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I found a website about elvish and hobbit languege name translations.My hobbit name is polo tighfield of tookbank and my elvish name is Elw Linw. The web site is http://www.chriswetherell.com/hobbit/
Have fun on this website and post in your elvish and hobbit names!




"Fool of a took! Throw you self in next time in riddels of your stupidity!"

Stiffler Vaneyar 26/Oct/2006 at 08:28 AM
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Well, I have indeed seen this site before, and frankly, it’s a fake. You’ll notice some other members have posted this site or similar sites and have gotten the same response. These types of websites just take the letters found in your name and use that to make a new name...here, I’ll show you:

Using the name "gdfa asdaewr" I have it translated as "Bingo Boggy-Hillocks"

So, while fun, don’t trust that this site gives you the actual translation...because it’s not possible if it does what it did above.

Panethor 27/Oct/2006 at 03:37 AM
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King elesar 88 do you know that you can found who herow are you in the side :  http://www.arwen-undomiel.com there you find what are you like: Aragorn, Gandals, Gegolas abd other things.  

<Language Mod edit>: Fixed Panethor’s link, though not because the Elvish information on it is correct (it isn’t).
likuku 28/Oct/2006 at 05:05 AM
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Do you now Penethor that tgis site doesn’t work???