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Blackrose Bugg 01/Dec/2006 at 09:13 AM
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As you know, Mo just did the annual holiday cleaning of the Plaza, giving us back the speedy response we all love so much.  But to do it - many threads were moved into the archives.  If there is a thread that you think needs to be brougnt back to the active forum to continue the discussion - link it here and Niel or I will see if it can be brought back.

Please note-  we are not going to be willing to bring back herds of threads - otherwise, we just bog down the turbo speed again.  Anyone trying to post the last couple of weeks - losing posts to timeouts, not able to access threads, getting the dreaded black box will understand why we are not willing to get back into that state anytime soon!

The link to Archive 5 is www.lotrplaza.com/archive5/default.asp