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Aamdar 22/Dec/2006 at 09:18 PM
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When Feanor leads the elves out of the West and back to ME they engage in a battle with Morgoths forces.  In the Sil. it mentions that Feanor out paces his army.  It talks about how the light of Aman is still in them and Feanor in particular is fighting inspired.  So once he gets close to Morgoth Melkor sends out the Balrogs to confront him.  The book essentially says that Feanor and his vanguard are beaten but after an extensive battle where he is cut and burnt.  So the question I am getting around to is; in that condition could Feanor have beaten A Balrog in combat and survived? 

And if he could have, then if he had not burned the ships and if Fingolfin and his party arrived in ME at the same time and immediately both groups pushed upon Morgoth could they have overthrown Melkor? 


KingODuckingham 22/Dec/2006 at 09:23 PM
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To answer your first question: I’m not going to answer it, because I don’t have my Sil with me. I doubt Feanor could have taken on a Balrog and actually survived, but he was one of the mightiest of the Noldor (there is a quote actually calling him the mightiest, but it isn’t necessarily referring to strength in arms), so I think he could at least have slain the beast.

As to your second: No, they could not have overthrown Melkor. Here is the quote:

And looking out from the slopes of Ered Wethrin with his last sight he beheld far off the peaks of Thangorodrim, mightiest of the towers of Middle-Earth, and knew with the foreknowledge of death that no power of the Noldor would ever overthrow them; but he cursed the name of Morgoth thrice, and laid it upon his sons to hold to their oath, and to avenge their father.~The Sil, Of the Return of the Noldor

That answers your second question fairly clearly: no way the Noldor are able to overthrow Melkor.
Dany 23/Dec/2006 at 01:41 AM
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I think that he totally could have taken on a Balrog and survived, had he been in prime fighting condition. He was definitely motivated enough, and I think that he had enough skill with weapons. I agree with KingODuckingham about the Noldor not being able to overthrow Morgoth, even if their forces had been combined.
Endril 23/Dec/2006 at 05:47 AM
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I belive that he could indeed kill a balrog unless you think at the great 50 meters beast of the movie. Even if the balrog was far more stronger than any elf, Feanor could slay one of them as it is said he was one of the mightiest eldars. They were not such incredible unbeatable creatures even if maiar I think.      
masterofjesters 24/Dec/2006 at 09:26 PM
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In my opinion, I think that, as the others have said, Feanor could have defeated a single Balrog. However, since he was surrounded by many Balrogs, he was not able to focus his attack on any one of them for long enough to bring it down. He was forced to fight defensively and it was ultimately his downfall. Had he been able to take them all on one-on-one he probably could have defeated a few of them. However, since he had to fight them all at once, he couldn’t even bring down one.
Alcarináro 24/Dec/2006 at 09:45 PM
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Legolas Fireblade, why is there even need to mention that. This is Basic Lore; it is concerned with the facts of The Lord of the Rings and other texts that Tolkien wrote, not the wild fabrication of someone who was able to influence the masses. A Balrog is a Balrog, and nothing else.

That said, I think that when Tolkien first wrote the quote, when ’many’ meant quite a lot, Feanor could have, one on one, taken out a Balrog (though he in actuality did not, for still in these early writings no Balrog was slain until Gondolin). But once we start considering post-LotR writings, where being surrounded by many Balrogs, even all the Balrogs, was a low single-digit number, I doubt that Feanor would be able to defeat a Balrog, even if he was powerful enough. More than power influences combat, and Feanor was far too rash.
KingODuckingham 25/Dec/2006 at 10:16 AM
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why is there even need to mention that. Because not everybody realizes the difference. It is a wild fabrication. but how are people supposed to change their misconceptions if nobody ever tells them they are wrong?