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Battle Arena Friendlies League by Reikon Suchi-ru 406 on 02/Jan/2007 at 09:14 AM
by Tornihyanda
Battle by Meriwen 92 on 28/Dec/2006 at 08:13 AM
by Curubethion
Looking for fight ranks 1-5 by Legolas the elf 21 on 27/Dec/2006 at 07:04 AM
by Legolas the elf
Looking for a fight by Madeinusa 10 on 26/Dec/2006 at 07:48 PM
by Madeinusa
Looking for a fight (Rank 8) by Caelyn 3 on 26/Dec/2006 at 05:35 PM
by Arthur Weasley
Fight rank 1 to 3 by Tin the wizard 4 on 23/Dec/2006 at 03:43 PM
by Tin the wizard
Rank 6...wanna fight? by Curubethion 6 on 23/Dec/2006 at 02:51 PM
by Beregond Abell
First-time fighter.. by Elbereth. 6 on 23/Dec/2006 at 01:16 PM
by Tin the wizard
The Awards by Alkthoniel 28 on 17/Dec/2006 at 04:53 AM
by Region
Looking for a Fight by Gorynhk 9 on 13/Dec/2006 at 03:05 PM
by Legolas the elf
need a fight (low rank) by Captaěn Faramír 15 on 07/Dec/2006 at 08:07 AM
by TobiasFalco
R9: Riddermark v Shire by Alkthoniel 20 on 30/Nov/2006 at 08:06 PM
by Feiniel
R9: MT v Lorien by Alkthoniel 57 on 30/Nov/2006 at 07:54 PM
by Beregond Abell
R9: Isengard v Fangorn by Alkthoniel 49 on 30/Nov/2006 at 06:48 PM
by Riya Limbleaf
R9: KD v Mordor by Alkthoniel 46 on 30/Nov/2006 at 06:16 PM
by Nabooru
Newbie looking for a fight by TobiasFalco 11 on 30/Nov/2006 at 06:07 AM
by TobiasFalco
The Scoreboard by Alkthoniel 17 on 26/Nov/2006 at 02:23 AM
by Arlo Cúthalion
R8: Imladris v Mordor by Alkthoniel 44 on 25/Nov/2006 at 06:17 PM
by Reikon Suchi-ru
R8: Riddermark v Fangorn by Alkthoniel 55 on 25/Nov/2006 at 04:13 PM
by Elarith
R8: Shire v Lorien by Alkthoniel 23 on 25/Nov/2006 at 04:13 PM
by Silver Witch
R8: MT v Isengard by Alkthoniel 48 on 25/Nov/2006 at 11:44 AM
by Maglor Séregon
The Arda Cup - Feedback by Alkthoniel 31 on 22/Nov/2006 at 05:53 PM
by Faldras
R7: KD v Shire by Alkthoniel 52 on 21/Nov/2006 at 10:34 AM
by Tornihyanda
R7: Riddermark v Isengard by Alkthoniel 39 on 20/Nov/2006 at 02:06 AM
by Daywalker
Communication Info by Alkthoniel 1 on 19/Nov/2006 at 07:38 PM
by Reikon Suchi-ru
R7: Imladris v Fangorn by Alkthoniel 91 on 19/Nov/2006 at 07:03 PM
by Marak RedIron
R7: Lorien v Mordor by Alkthoniel 48 on 19/Nov/2006 at 02:52 PM
by Alkthoniel
R6: Fangorn v Mordor by Alkthoniel 69 on 13/Nov/2006 at 01:31 PM
by Thaliondae Suchi-ru
R6: KD v Isengard by Alkthoniel 52 on 13/Nov/2006 at 09:02 AM
by TMM
R6: Imladris v Lorien by Alkthoniel 46 on 13/Nov/2006 at 03:41 AM
by Lori
R6: MT v Shire by Alkthoniel 76 on 12/Nov/2006 at 03:35 PM
by Alkthoniel
ATR’s!! by Thaliondae Suchi-ru 19 on 09/Nov/2006 at 08:41 AM
by Tornihyanda
R5: MT v Mordor by Alkthoniel 58 on 07/Nov/2006 at 08:45 PM
by Reikon Suchi-ru
R5: Riddermark v Lorien by Alkthoniel 33 on 07/Nov/2006 at 05:41 AM
by elendil elessar
R5: KD v Fangorn by Alkthoniel 36 on 06/Nov/2006 at 11:41 AM
by Lilith
R5: Imladris v Shire by Alkthoniel 53 on 06/Nov/2006 at 04:46 AM
by Alkthoniel
R4: MT v Fangorn by Alkthoniel 55 on 01/Nov/2006 at 09:31 AM
by Curubethion
R4: Riddermark v Mordor by Alkthoniel 31 on 01/Nov/2006 at 08:27 AM
by scoutsol
R4: Imladris v Isengard by Alkthoniel 54 on 01/Nov/2006 at 04:43 AM
by Ilúvefailisse
R4: KD v Lorien by Alkthoniel 64 on 31/Oct/2006 at 03:40 PM
by Alkthoniel
R3: Isengard v Mordor by Alkthoniel 52 on 26/Oct/2006 at 01:32 PM
by Beretor
R3: Imladris v Riddermark by Alkthoniel 36 on 25/Oct/2006 at 10:23 AM
by Celinawyn
R3: KD v MT by Alkthoniel 52 on 25/Oct/2006 at 02:29 AM
by TMM
R3: Shire v Fangorn by Alkthoniel 39 on 24/Oct/2006 at 10:28 AM
by Alkthoniel
R2: Shire v Mordor by Alkthoniel 101 on 21/Oct/2006 at 07:19 AM
by Feiniel
R2: Isengard v Lorien by Alkthoniel 60 on 21/Oct/2006 at 02:52 AM
by Amalric
R2: KD v Riddermark by Alkthoniel 43 on 20/Oct/2006 at 08:21 PM
by Nav
Deleting Battles by Brandybuck 1 on 20/Oct/2006 at 02:52 AM
by Eamila Bolger
R2: Imladris v MT by Alkthoniel 149 on 19/Oct/2006 at 10:26 AM
by Ilúvefailisse
Tournament Planning by Alkthoniel 53 on 17/Oct/2006 at 03:30 AM
by Alkthoniel
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