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Smeagol/Gollum: The Psychology by Aeleron 150 on 30/Nov/2006 at 09:09 PM
by Nenarye
Is Middle Earth Natural? by mighty ent man 153 on 30/Nov/2006 at 07:33 PM
by AldoBuckenbery
Was Gollum the Unwitting Savior of Middle-earth? by Arthur Weasley 251 on 30/Nov/2006 at 06:49 PM
by KingODuckingham
Tolkien and Hindu Mythology by avantika 30 on 30/Nov/2006 at 04:13 PM
by halfir
Undarkened Heart by Falvlun 28 on 29/Nov/2006 at 07:59 PM
by Bearamir
Creation and "The Word" by Bearamir 31 on 29/Nov/2006 at 06:48 PM
by Bearamir
The Council of Elrond by Kirinki54 102 on 27/Nov/2006 at 10:44 PM
by Mirkwoodworker
Send in the Clowns (Lore Challenge Topic) by Bearamir 8 on 26/Nov/2006 at 08:49 PM
by Bearamir
Gandalf the __?__ by Ghostlore 91 on 26/Nov/2006 at 07:55 PM
by Falvlun
Turbo Teasers IXX by Bearamir 120 on 26/Nov/2006 at 02:38 PM
by Magradhaid
Did the Nazgul Remember? by Lady d`Ecthelion 233 on 26/Nov/2006 at 07:44 AM
by spazzman
The Power of the Palantir by Bearamir 30 on 15/Nov/2006 at 10:11 AM
by Elros Tar-Minya
Norse imagery in Tolkien’s ME by halfir 133 on 12/Nov/2006 at 03:34 PM
by halfir
Frodo’s First Dream by Meneldil II 21 on 09/Nov/2006 at 05:55 AM
by Elros Tar-Minya
Linguistic Discoveries of LotR? (Collegium 2) by Kirinki54 108 on 07/Nov/2006 at 09:38 PM
by Lady d`Ecthelion
Healing by Ashen Shugar 14 on 07/Nov/2006 at 05:34 PM
by Bearamir
The Blade of Westernesse and the Witch King by halfir 139 on 07/Nov/2006 at 03:46 PM
by NightRider17
TOPIC TRANSFER NOMINATION THREAD by Bearamir 6 on 07/Nov/2006 at 11:35 AM
by Bearamir
Tom B: Peeling the Onion (Collegium 1) by halfir 403 on 30/Oct/2006 at 09:55 AM
by goldenhair
Orcs and Uruks ~ altered intelligence? by Laielinwen 23 on 27/Oct/2006 at 02:19 PM
by goldenhair
Elven School of Imladris by Aragorn Elessar 3 on 21/Oct/2006 at 06:40 AM
by halfir
The Will of the Ring by Lord_Vidύm 56 on 19/Oct/2006 at 03:11 AM
by *arwenudomiel*
Wraiths and Wights by Laielinwen 34 on 18/Oct/2006 at 08:50 AM
by Laielinwen
A Hobbit and a King... by Aredhriel 27 on 17/Oct/2006 at 01:41 PM
by Galin
The Transparency of Mr. Baggins by Tar Zeratul 50 on 12/Oct/2006 at 09:44 AM
by Kalidor the elf
4th Age and Expansion of Rohan by Rohanya 32 on 09/Oct/2006 at 07:04 PM
by KingODuckingham
IK Debate Wants You! by Bearamir 2 on 07/Oct/2006 at 05:06 PM
by VardaElbereth
Chemicals and Sorcery by Reikon Suchi-ru 87 on 05/Oct/2006 at 08:11 PM
by elendil elessar
SWOT the plaza by halfir 5 on 02/Oct/2006 at 06:06 AM
by Tarkano
the Prophecy of the Witch-king by manwe1 166 on 27/Sep/2006 at 07:51 AM
by NineFingered
Morgoth and the Void by Ehtelë Vírië 32 on 25/Sep/2006 at 12:30 PM
by Kaulargorn
Did Melkor Teach Men Speech? by Gerontian 25 on 22/Sep/2006 at 12:49 PM
by Forodluin
Elven ’Magic’ by Turin Turambar, 89 on 17/Sep/2006 at 11:37 AM
by noldor mccrissi
Beauty: a power? by Region 29 on 16/Sep/2006 at 08:39 PM
by king_dain
The anti-hero?? by Alanna Elessar 92 on 16/Sep/2006 at 08:10 PM
by king_dain
Nazgul’s Flying Creature by shadowoflegolas 118 on 16/Sep/2006 at 07:55 PM
by king_dain
Rags or riches by Vebrithien 46 on 16/Sep/2006 at 07:50 PM
by king_dain
Colour Symbolism by Duiel 38 on 14/Sep/2006 at 02:21 PM
by Magradhaid
The Language/Style of LotR by Asha Greyjoy 17 on 13/Sep/2006 at 08:47 PM
by EarwenBloom
What Became of the Beornings? by Lilu Olnathron 24 on 03/Sep/2006 at 07:18 AM
by simpsonim
Providence, chance, luck, coincidence? by halfir 16 on 24/Aug/2006 at 03:56 PM
by halfir
HoME lovers - unite! by Dervan 2 on 24/Aug/2006 at 12:12 PM
by Dervan
Absolute Evil by VardaElbereth 123 on 23/Aug/2006 at 07:25 PM
by Bearamir
Elf-minstrels: Music as a battle tactic? by Lindissë 23 on 21/Aug/2006 at 07:16 PM
by King Gothmog
The Guild of Venturers - Lore Project by Lady d`Ecthelion 1 on 16/Aug/2006 at 09:46 PM
by Lady d`Ecthelion
Movie Comparison: LOTR vs Narnia by mighty ent man 127 on 15/Aug/2006 at 04:29 AM
by mighty ent man
Eowyn: Character Analysis by Duiel 64 on 06/Aug/2006 at 11:51 AM
by Dwarf5
Interpreting LOTR: Authorial Intent: Does it matter? by halfir 62 on 05/Aug/2006 at 06:09 AM
by Rohanya
O Elbereth! Gilthoniel! by Lady d`Ecthelion 115 on 03/Aug/2006 at 05:18 AM
by Suri
Hitler wasn’t big enough! by halfir 54 on 31/Jul/2006 at 02:13 PM
by philigers
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