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Name of this Song? by Eldoriä 2 on 02/Jan/2007 at 09:00 AM
by Eldoriä
Greatest Warrior? by Aragonia Dunami 63 on 02/Jan/2007 at 08:24 AM
by KingODuckingham
Movie Bugs by roklem_th_great 1 on 02/Jan/2007 at 03:57 AM
by roklem_th_great
The Actors’ Credits by Romendacil III 32 on 02/Jan/2007 at 01:18 AM
by Hithleen Eltoran
Has PJ sparked a real interest? by Brandywine74 12 on 01/Jan/2007 at 10:16 PM
by Morgil
Gandalf’s sword by merrypip03 14 on 01/Jan/2007 at 08:21 PM
by Deep Roots
How did you feel? by Telmar 18 on 01/Jan/2007 at 08:15 PM
by WyteWolf
Haldir: Needed Character or Not by Maranwe Carnesi 9 on 01/Jan/2007 at 07:00 PM
by Aragonia Dunami
Confusing Scene by Alanna Elessar 14 on 01/Jan/2007 at 06:42 PM
by Lady Rowena
First Reaction to The Lord of the Rings movies? by Tenharien Calmcacil 66 on 01/Jan/2007 at 03:41 PM
by Lady Rowena
brought to life by bombadiltom 7 on 01/Jan/2007 at 02:39 PM
by geordie
The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Discussion by Estel Underhill 48 on 01/Jan/2007 at 12:37 PM
by Jaz
VT: Who Wants to be a Supporting Member? by Estel Underhill 96 on 01/Jan/2007 at 11:10 AM
by TobiasFalco
Form of Movie Weapons? by Morgil 11 on 01/Jan/2007 at 01:30 AM
by Morgil
Giving other Characters Credit by OhtarMor 15 on 31/Dec/2006 at 11:02 PM
by MasterofPuppets
Gollum and Mt. Doom by Gorynhk 15 on 31/Dec/2006 at 12:18 PM
by Anscemion
Music in LOTR - Any help? by robs91 29 on 31/Dec/2006 at 12:04 PM
by Anscemion
what would happen if rohan had guns of today by Chris the swift 29 on 31/Dec/2006 at 11:03 AM
by Anscemion
Mountains? by Oin 10 on 31/Dec/2006 at 10:58 AM
by Anscemion
"Lighting of the beacons" by Anscemion 6 on 31/Dec/2006 at 10:28 AM
by Anscemion
The Hobbit Animated movie by Elbryan 12 on 30/Dec/2006 at 11:37 PM
by Morgil
Alterations to the Story and the Reasons Why by God 51 on 30/Dec/2006 at 05:15 PM
by Brandywine74
Hobbit movie and Glorfindel by Dor-lómin 10 on 30/Dec/2006 at 12:35 PM
by Togo Baggins
A prequel to the LOTR trilogy ? by Adanberion 9 on 26/Dec/2006 at 01:00 PM
by Ariziuh
LotR vs Eragon by Valaiant 31 on 25/Dec/2006 at 08:27 PM
by Losthilion Eltoran
Is the Magic Back? by Arthur Weasley 16 on 23/Dec/2006 at 12:27 PM
by Arthur Weasley
Too good? by Jargoth 2 on 20/Dec/2006 at 10:58 PM
by God
Something needs to happen Soon! by Aragorn the 2nd 15 on 20/Dec/2006 at 10:52 PM
by God
Frodo’s Hair by Ballin Ithílen 24 on 20/Dec/2006 at 04:34 PM
by NineFingered
The Purpose of a Movie by KingODuckingham 33 on 20/Dec/2006 at 08:33 AM
by KingODuckingham
Drunk elves?? by Annuicalar 22 on 18/Dec/2006 at 06:09 PM
by Morgil
Gandalf and Theoden by Merlin the Red 13 on 18/Dec/2006 at 11:38 AM
by Rohanna
Gimli speaking Elvish in Helm’s Deep? by Elbereth. 24 on 16/Dec/2006 at 03:58 PM
by Battlehamster
Moria, good portrayal? by Riya Limbleaf 15 on 14/Dec/2006 at 07:15 PM
by Aragonia Dunami
Lord of the Rings Video Games by Jimmy Evans 21 on 11/Dec/2006 at 03:00 PM
by Ronaya
did all orcs die in the end of the last film by witchking12 9 on 30/Nov/2006 at 09:06 PM
by Maegolfin
Fall of Numenor by Maegolfin 1 on 30/Nov/2006 at 08:54 PM
by Maegolfin
Most disliked scene by Mithrandír 100 on 30/Nov/2006 at 08:21 PM
by Nenarye
The Silmarillion by Sauron999 38 on 30/Nov/2006 at 08:10 PM
by Nimrana
horn of gondor by witchking12 10 on 30/Nov/2006 at 08:01 PM
by >*Styxane*<
’Silmarillion’ - filmed? by Lady d`Ecthelion 16 on 30/Nov/2006 at 07:56 PM
by >*Styxane*<
Actors:your Favourite one! by Mithrandír 70 on 30/Nov/2006 at 07:52 PM
by Nenarye
News of The Hobbit by Rohanna 6 on 30/Nov/2006 at 07:37 PM
by Lólindir Ciryatan
why are dwarves never born by witchking12 9 on 30/Nov/2006 at 06:20 PM
by Celegrimdor
Arwen by Ronaya 19 on 30/Nov/2006 at 03:12 PM
by gilnaur
ROTK Trailer by NineFingered 15 on 30/Nov/2006 at 11:37 AM
by NineFingered
sams life by witchking12 6 on 30/Nov/2006 at 10:07 AM
by witchking14
Are there more wizards like gandalf? by witchking12 8 on 30/Nov/2006 at 09:56 AM
by witchking14
Lothlorien by allendeonour 20 on 30/Nov/2006 at 08:29 AM
by allendeonour
how have you... by Ballin Ithílen 38 on 29/Nov/2006 at 08:06 PM
by Ballin Ithílen
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