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Hanzō 11/May/2003 at 08:24 AM
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I was looking at a Lord of the Rings website awhile ago and viewed the listing of the casts and their role(s) in the movie. Next to Peter Jackson, it said "Albert Dreary (FotR)/ Spear Thrower (TTT)". What I want to know is who on Middle-Earth is Albert Dreary and what role does he have in the novel? Also, is he only shown in the Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring? I did not saw him in the original version...
Ser Narchryst 11/May/2003 at 08:41 AM
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I think he is in bree when the hobbits are walking by i am also guessing that you got this info from the, Look for him he is the guy giving the hobbits a bad look when they come in to bree when they are heading to the prancing pony he is only there for a couple of seconds
Morthoron 11/May/2003 at 08:46 AM
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Yes that is the scene, as the hobbits enter Bree he is in the background eating a carrot, I believe.  He’s also somewhat in the scenes in Bag End, if you look closely at the pictures above the firplace, they appear to be Peter Jackson and his family dressed as hobbits.
Mo 11/May/2003 at 09:49 AM
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I’ve answered this question in a previou thread but don’t know how to put a link in to it so thank god for copy and paste.......

it is a fair performance. Not only that but PJ appears in the film twice aswell although not in speaking roles. Has anyone spotted for instance the pictures above the fireplace in Bag End? Those are apparently portraits of PJ and his wife as Hobbits. Thier children also appear in the film during Bilboís recietal of the tale of the Trolls and later on in the Bree sequence PJ can be seen on the Hobbits entry to Bree eating a carrot. Why a carrot I donít know but itís definatly him.

as for the Two Tower’s I have only seen the film once at the cinema so couldn’t say for sure but PJ appears to be one of those directors, along with Landis and Hitchcock who feel the need to put themselves into their films and more power to them I say. If I was directing the films I’d’ve done the same. I quite fancy myself as Pippin!

The Gaffer 15/May/2003 at 11:04 AM
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PJ appears as a Dundland Arsonist (link) on a Decipher TCG Card or at least it resembles him. He also appears as a Rohan Man throwing a stone in TTT at the Battle of Helm’s Deep and I read somewhere that his children appear at Helm’s Deep as well. He seems to be an actor and a director.
Ashaden 16/May/2003 at 06:20 AM
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  Ofcourse!!!! I always thought that man in Bree was familiar,I don’t know why Didn’t realize I’ve seen PJ in enought photos to recognize him .

Thanks for pointing that out.

Tinw 16/May/2003 at 07:36 AM
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I can’t see his son in Helm’s Deep, but that adorable pop-eyed girl shows up with a blond wig. He put the camera on her perhaps a little more than merited during Bilbo’s retelling of the troll story at his party, but I suppose we can’t blame him.

She’s the little mump who gasps when Bilbo says "squash us into jelly!"

I’m sure she’ll be in the third movie too.

There’s a lot of the production crew and actors’ kids in the movie; I think Alan Lee is one of the nine men in the prologue, and I’ve caught Viggo Mortison’s son standing behind "Haleth [of the GIRLY NAME!] son of Hama". There’s more I haven’t yet caught.

I think PJ makes a very good Dunlender; watch closely when Saruman’s saying, "they took your land!’ for a snaggletoothed PJ.