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Laebeth 03/May/2003 at 03:29 AM
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I Adab-nuin-Elin

Mae govannen ned i Adab-nuin-Elin, mellyn! 

*You enter a great garden. The plants here grow freely, and you can see nipredil, elanor and simbelmyn growing everywhere. In the middle of the garden, a clear little stream is running. People have said that they have forgotten all their worries by this little stream, and if only for some hours, they have found rest*


*In the end of the garden, a house is lying. It is white-coloured, not massive, but built in harmony with the nature. It is a three-floured house: On the first floor is a great hall, a dining room, and a two living rooms; one with a fireplace, and one like a library where strangers can study the lore of the world. On the second floor are the bedrooms, and there is also a balcony. In the middle of the house is an open area, almost a small garden, and in the middle is a tree! A talan built in the top of the tree gives the third floor: a talan from where you can see the whole valley of Imladris, and the stars shine bright in night*


*On the doorstep of the house, two Elves are standing: You can see right away that they are a Lord and a Lady of Imladris. They are both clad in blue and silver, he with brown hair, and she with blond. Around her head is bound a fillet of Mithril with a deep blue stone, and she has a long sword by her side. Lachfainodagor has been reforged, and although it might be shorter than before, the white flame is still just as sharp. Arlo has a long bow on his back, and look like hed be a fierce warrior in battle, but now he is smiling together with his wife. As you approach them, they present themselves as Laebeth lseron and Arlo Cthalion, and bid you welcome to their house.

- Mae govannen ned i Adab-nuin-Elin, mellyn! Here youll find rest whether it is from enemies or from sorrows. Welcome!*

"For only stars alone keep memories..." You look up on the sky, and the glory of Elbereth shines down upon you...the glorious stars who tells the story of the earth. 
Everyone has a story to tell...their own, or someone elses...maybe in the form of a poem, maybe a song. All lives are stories. We live the tale. But who are we really? What has shaped us and what shapes our own decisions?


Interpret the text over any way youd like...it is the topic for todays house.

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Absolutely no OOC posts, they will be deleted no matter what.
The theme for this house has been once before, but considering the circumstances at the time, I’ve decided to have it once again.
Make your posts interesting to read.

Howl 03/May/2003 at 04:08 AM
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*An elf in forest green and rust brown and carrying a paddle made her way through the beautiful flora to the front of the wise and just Lord and Lady of this beautiful place, the pride of Rivendell. "Mae Govannen, Lord Cuthalion and Lady Laebeth. I just came from distant lands whence I have been tarrying in. My coming back is to give you several gifts which I have pick up in my journey. May I also have the honor of conversing with you, for I ave not been in Imladris lately and yearned to know what have been happening of late."
Noldor elf 03/May/2003 at 04:21 AM
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Here is my story:

Born in the light of the stars and the moon,
i was named Telpberaid after that soon.
When i was 512 years old,
i was hunting, outside in the cold.
Suddently it got very warm,
and the fire, fire of harm.
Was in my forest of life and gold,
outside, it wasnt any longer cold.
Couse my body turned the sword of my mind,
for buety and sorrow now i was blind.

I soke for revenge and killed all the orcs,
witch tryed to defend theyre self with some forcs.
But theyre defence didnt last long,
otherwise i wasnt singing that song.
But when i got my revenge i was still cold as stone,
i seeked again for my throne.
But throne it was now over ruins and ash,
there wasnt anymore one gold coin cash.
Then i headed for Rivendell,
and on it doors i stuned fell.

But the elves with theyre kindness healed me,
and now im strong like you can see.

All done!

Leanan Sdhe 03/May/2003 at 04:38 AM
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Merl sits in her usual corner near the waterfall at her daughter’s house, clad in a pale green dress this time. She sucks the point of her quill and tries to think of a way to word the story she was thinking of. the maiden had no name, only a background... soon her quill scribbled over the paper as she put the story on paper in a poem. Once she had a small sketch, she gazed over it to perfect it, before reading it aloud to those in the garden.

Laebeth 03/May/2003 at 04:57 AM
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"Suilad, Wilde, and welcome to our house!" Lae smiles warmly to the guest. "Please, join us in conversation if you wish!" She motions for the Elf to follow her over to her mother by the waterfall. "There was a time when I never thought I would live in one place, and I still can’t stay here long at the time before the longing for travelling fills me. But love has taught me a lot...about myself and the world. When I was younger, I never showed any of my feelings. Then, before I met Arlo, I adopted a young elf named Aurthil." She smiles, seeing that her mother has finally looked up from her book, and continues. "We travelled together for years, before she took up residence in Lindon and got married. Aurthil could always guess all my inner thoughts, but I never really started expressing my them I met Arlo. Then I finally realized that a good relationship has to build upon understanding, and one can’t understand eachother properly before one knows the other person’s feelings...but I have rambled enough. Please, tell us about yourself, and why you have chosen to come back to Rivendell!"

Samthoniel 03/May/2003 at 06:11 AM
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The samurai who had ridden up to Adab on his cougar patted Alcafamaion and let her free to curl up near the fire. He walked up on his mother who was talking about the past and he instantly sat down to listen to what she had to say. He leaned against a tree and when she had finished he greeted her and Wilde, Suliad. Suddenly Alcafamion pawed him from his side and he could see that she was hungry. He reached in his pocket and brought out all he had, an apple. Alcafamion being hungry ate it and he promised her something when they got home. He turned back to Wilde.
Ethuil Fanulios 03/May/2003 at 06:18 AM
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*A travel-worn Lrien elf arrives in the courtyard and spots to the Lord and Lady of Imladris. It has been a long time since she last visited the fair grounds, and for once, she has not come here in need of comfort. On the contrary, she has come to rejoice in her recent engagement! Considering the events of late, it is a confused but very happy elf who is now walking up to the Lord and Lady, bowing and greeting them with reverence* Mae govannen, brannon nn a brennil nn. Guren linna gen cened! Is there a place where a tired traveller can sit down and... talk endlessly about her happiness? *smiles*
Leanan Sdhe 03/May/2003 at 09:02 AM
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She listened to her daughter and smiled, listening quietly to her story. She then lifted her hand in greeting to Samu as he arrived and turned to Ethuil, laying her quill down. Suilad and Mae Govannen, Ethuil o Lorien. I read in your eyes you live in a happy time. May I ask what makes you this cheerful? she asks with a soft voice, smiling and waiting fro the maiden’s answer.

Ethuil Fanulios 03/May/2003 at 10:42 AM
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*Ethuil smiles at Merlom, positively beaming at the thought of having someone wise to discuss the topic with* Mae govannen, mellon! The reason for my happiness is also the reason for my greatest confusion... For centuries I have lived in the fair land of Lrien, doing my duty as a faitful sentry. For countless years, one of my fellow sentries has made me ever so nervous by his mere presence, and once I was off duty, there was little I could think of but him. I never spoke of my desire, however, since we are both stubborn creatures that refuse to be held down by restraints of any kind, and knowing how proud he is, I wished not to display my own weekness. But then I became friends with a rohirrim by the name of Olwyn, and she saw at once what I had been trying to hide all these years. Thus being left with the choice of either having a stranger tell the one I loved about how I felt, or doing it myself, I told him. It then proved that he had indeed felt the very same all this time, not daring to show it. After hiding away from each other for centuries, it took us but a week to get engaged. Right now, I am very happy, but this change in my life has taken some getting used to. *sighs happily and glances at Merlom’s paper* May I be so bold as to ask you what it is you’re working on?
Samthoniel 03/May/2003 at 11:11 AM
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The samurai greets Merlome and smiles. He looks over to the love struck Ethuil and intently listens to her story. He smiles at the story and congratulates Ethuil. Please do so inform me of the time and date of your wedding that I would be able to attend and bless you and your love to stay happy till you sail to the undying lands. He leans over and tries to peer into Merl’s paper, yes, what are you working on Merl?
Leanan Sdhe 03/May/2003 at 11:20 AM
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She smiled at Ethuil’s story. May I congratulate you with your engagement, mellon nin. It sounds like a true love indeed. She winked and gazed down at the paper before her when both Ethuil and Samu asked about it. Well, it is just a poem I was writing. I just finished it, would you like to hear? At the nods of her two companions, she soflt starts to recite the stanza’s.


Many stories of her are told
The maiden with gold in her hair
Her spirit roams the lands of old
Her appearance ever fair.

Her heart was full of love and free
Her hands were soft and caring
And oft she liked to climb a tree
No trouble her soul was bearing

Then darkness reached out to the woods
And creatures clouded the sun
They casted shadows to where she stood
And in the shadows she would run

Fast her feet jumped over the land
Her long blond hair was flowing
Her skin the colour of soft sand
Her blue eyes bright and glowing

Her beautiful face was full of tears
Her dress was dark and broken
She ran away from all the fears
But left her heart as a token

She smiled and looked up as she finished the last line, to see her companion’s reactions.

Samthoniel 03/May/2003 at 11:48 AM
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The samurai leaned back againt a tree and closed his eyes as Merl softly recited her poem. HAs she finished he opened her eyes and looked at her. That was beautiful Merl, but I wonder what you will call the poem. He doesnt attempt to help her with that as his poetic skills are rather rudimentary and all he can write are limericks(*g*).
Ethuil Fanulios 03/May/2003 at 11:51 AM
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*Ethuil quickly whipes at her face with her sleeve, looking all but elegant in doing so but not really caring* Mae carnen, mellon! ’Twas beautiful indeed! Pray tell, is there a story behind the poem or have you made it up? *looks over to samu to see his reaction and at the same time remembers to thank him for his well-wishes, ensuring him that all of Rivendell shall be informed of the wedding*
Dany 03/May/2003 at 06:36 PM
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She enters the garden, and is quickly overcome by memories she wishes to keep suppressed.  Trying to keep her eyes from brimming over, she quickly makes her way to the darkest edge of the garden, swings herself into a tree, and begins weeping quietly, so as not to disturb anyone else.

Ithilbossa 03/May/2003 at 07:06 PM
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*A young Elf maiden, clad all in green, a long scimitar at her side, wanders into the hidden glade. Upon suddenly finding herself in a beautiful garden, surrounded by her own kind, she breathes a sigh of relief. She feels the weight of the world lift from her shoulders, and all her doubts and fears vanish from her mind. After so long, she can finally relax!
Suddenly, she spots someone hiding in a tree nearby, weeping silently. Ithil moves over to her, and whispers "Come, my friend. Why are you crying? You need not let your heart be troubled by the darkness of your past. If you would like to talk, I shall listen...." Ithil climbs up to the branch and sits next to Kalmire.*
Lady Aredhel 03/May/2003 at 07:34 PM
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*The Elfmaid Aredhel enters the garden, weary from her long hunt.  She notices her Ruler and his Lady and she bows to them with respect in greeting.  Glad to have come upon this haven, she settles down under a tree beside the peaceful stream, setting down her long bow.  She breathes in the refreshing scent of kingsfoil growing near her and her worries lift.   She has been lonely, but the peace here gives her new hope and comfort.*
After all," she reflects, "my worries are so small compared to others.  On the whole, life has blessed me well."  With this thought to reflect on, she closes her eyes, enjoying her rest.

Avrith Aldwn 03/May/2003 at 07:52 PM
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Leddie rides gracefully up to the house on a beautiful white horse and unmounts smoothly. She leads the mare to a little brook, her light blue and pale white silky dress ruffling in the wind. She sits down near the soothing brook and under a dancing tree after greeting her majestic Rulers. She pulls out a carved quill and a paper, ready to write anything that sparks an idea. The fragrant flowers gently waver as the beautiful birds sing their song.
Linwe Earfalas 03/May/2003 at 08:46 PM
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Carrying her bow, a cloaked Linwe walks up to the house.  The hood of the dark green cloak is up and her hair is entirely covered except for a few strands of the dark hair that fall around the elf’s pale face.    She approaches the two elves standing by the door to the house.  LInwe removes her hood and bows respectfully before the Lord and Lady.  "My Lord, My Lady.  Mae Govannen."  Linwe thinks back to the day in Minas tirith when she was talking to her friend about who they were.  She had nearly broken down in tears that day, something she had not done in decades really
This is my story:
Many man years have gone by,
Since I decided to live this  lie.
Born to a name, I no longer know,
In fallen kingdom, some unknown years ago.
Doriath was my home when I was young.
Years and years passed then that dreaded war begun.
The war that took my father away from me
and caused my dear brother, Celebrimbor, to sail across the sea.
Those that do not know me believe I was fifty on that day.
A day so dark with evil, the day my father, Elrohir, was taken away.
It was so long ago that I do not remember when
I was born, or how old I was then.
I remember the day mother and Celebrimbor returned,
My life changed forever the day I learned
I lost my dear father and brother
not long after Celebrimbor sailed did I learn about mother.
I tried so hard with as many healers as I could.
I sent word from Lorien to Imladris and Mirkwood,
To send their best healers to help save her life,
But it was too late, she lost her life on that cold winter night.
I set out that year to avenge her death.
I never looked back at Lorien or Doriath.
I changed my name to Linwe Earfalas,
I can’t remember what my real name was before that.
Now, I control my destiny.
Life before Linwe is all but a distant memory.
And as for my age, we’ll never know
age ain’t nothing but a number, that’s just how it goes.

Dany 03/May/2003 at 10:21 PM
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She smiles through tears at Ithil-GaladThank you, nin mellon.  I was just remembering my childhood in Lindon... while the memories themselves are not sad, remembering them is, if that makes any sense.
Leanan Sdhe 04/May/2003 at 04:17 AM
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It is just a part that came in my mind. She answers Ethuil, smiling. And thank you. She looks around in the garden and her eyes fall on her daughter, standing near the doorway of the house with Arlo. Standing up, she nods at Samu and Ethuil. If you will excuse me. And walks to Lae. Sell nin, may I speak with you for a moment? she asks, smiling to Arlo and motioning to a quiet part in the garden with her hand.

Rhn Ariel 04/May/2003 at 10:10 AM
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Lasi enters the garden, deeply in thought. Without really noticing what she is doing, she swings herself up into a tree, letting her cloak fall to the ground. She leans back and rests upon the trunk of the tree, considering her problems. Listening to the songs of the other elves and the gentle sound of the water, she soon forgets her problems. Lasi sits and begins to softly hum a tune, the notes spreding out and mixing with the sounds of nature, so soft and gentle to her ears. I am gettinf rather cold up here, no wonder. With that, Lasi swings down from the tree, picks up her cloak and gets back into the tree, continuing to hum her tune.
Lady Aredhel 04/May/2003 at 11:08 AM
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*Hearing the song of Linwe, Aredhels heart is stirred with compassion.  She rises and approaches her, her eyes taking in the drawn features of Linwes face.  Aredhel places a hand on her shoulder.  "Come, mellon.  Sit with me by the stream.  Breathe deeply and be refreshed, and I shall bear your sorrows with you.  Mayhap you shall find a moment of peace here."

Linwe Earfalas 04/May/2003 at 11:56 AM
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*Linwe follows the elf to the stream.  It is peaceful, the gentle sond of water passing over rock mingling witht he sound of elven voices.  Linwe took off her cloak and placed it next to her bow and quiver on the bank of the stream.  The water felt refreshing as she splashed it on her face.  Linwe was not the average elven maiden.  She dressed in pants mostly and was not afraid of getting dirty.  She didn’t have the pristine look of the other elves around her.  She didn’t believe in being the elven maiden that sat around in fancy clothes waiting for her love to come home to their children and be obedient and proper for all her days.  She wanted to be out there, with the males of her race, to fight with them as she was seen many other Rivendell she-elves do.  Linwe had an adopted daughter who she hoped would be like her.  These were her thoughts as she sat by the stream with Aredhel. *   "Thank you, mellon,  your words are kind.  That was something I have had to deal with myself for so many lonely centuries.  There is so much more that i do not understand about myself.  All I wish is to find peace, that my daughter will never have to go through the things I endured many years ago." 
Lady Aredhel 04/May/2003 at 02:49 PM
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*Aredhel reflects quietly on what Linwe has told her before she speaks* "All of us wish to shield our children from pain and hardship.  It breaks a mother’s heart to see her child suffer.  All we can do is love them and do the best we can, and pray that Eru protects them.  I have no family myself.  My parents were slain in battle.  I have wandered alone for many centuries, hunting and lending my sword where it is needed.  Now I have come to Rivendell and am in search of a new family.  Perhaps I shall have a daughter myself someday.  But we cannot help them by worrying what might happen.  Our best chance is to love them with all our hearts and hope that our love will sustain them through the hard times."  *Aredhel falls silent again, praying that peace will find this troubled swordmaiden*
Rilm 05/May/2003 at 12:17 AM
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An Elfmaiden enters the garden on horseback. Unlike normally she isn’t clad in a white dress, but she is clad in darkblue and blackclothes. Her hair is held back by many small braids like if she would be on an army mission any moment. Her face looks grim, but she smiles when she sees the mistress of the house and her good friend Laebeth. Mae govannen Lae, Arlo! It’s good to come here and rest some in your gardens! I won’t stay long, but it’s always good to see you again! Ril steps forward and huggles Lae, who almost seems to know she’s going somewhere not so nice. When Merl approaches Ril nods to her friend and leaves them alone, hoping she will get the chance later on to talk to Laebeth aswell...
Ethuil Fanulios 05/May/2003 at 01:19 AM
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*Ethuil, standing momentarily alone, spots the grim looking elf and steps up to her* Mae govannen, mellon. It looks to me as if you have troublesome times ahead of you. May I ask to what place you are travelling?
Howl 05/May/2003 at 02:15 AM
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*The elf looks distant befor she answers Lae.*I am Fyrgast Mihtigstan, which also means Feanar Belegond, Fire spirit Mighty Stone. I have lived from the First Age. I only had one kin, and that is my sworn sister. But she-, she was killed in the Battle for the Silmarils. I have not found my one and only yet, and seems unlikely that I will as I am always trvelling. Though I love travelling and new places, my heart was always with Imladris, and I also miss my friends here.*She smiles at Laebeth* It is kind-hearted, loyal people like you and Arlo who keeps us elves here.
Aragorn Elessar 05/May/2003 at 03:37 AM
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Arele quietly enters her grandmother’s garden, and goes straight away to her ’special spot.’ Closing her eyes and breathing deeply, she slowly relaxes herself onto the soft smooth stone that had been her shelter for many centuries. Looking at her surroundings, she absent-mindedly reaches underneath her rock and fins what she is looking for. A quilt, centuries old, made by herself out of her granmothers, grandfathers, mother’s and father’s old scraps of material. Breathing the musty scent in deeply, she sighs and lies back onto the stone, her mind lost on other things
Laebeth 05/May/2003 at 07:40 AM
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"Of course," Lae smiles to her mother. "I’ll talk with you afterwards Ril!" She follows her mother to a silent corner of the garden, where no one can disturb them. "What is it?" Her mother answers with a sheepish smile. "I just came to remember the day we first met...you remember that, don’t you?" Lae nods, it surely was a day to remember...a day which had brought many changes to her life. "Thak you for having naneth..." She embraces the woman, and since they have nothing left to say, starts walking towards the house again.

Suddenly Lae spots something in the shadows under a tree. "I’ll be with you later, mum..." She walks over to to Elf lying there, seeminlgt asleep. "Welcome back Arele," she soflty whispers, and not having any more words to say, gently strokes her hair in silence.

Rilm 05/May/2003 at 07:53 AM
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Ril smiles to Lae and walks over to the other elves, when suddenly an young elfmaiden walks up to her. Ril smiles and nods to the girl carefully looking for words to tell where her journey will lead her. Mae govannen to you to! I haven’t seen you before I believe! My name is Rilm, though you may call me Ril...everyone does! troublesome times...yes, well I wouldn’t call it that, but you might say that. I’m traveling to the Misty Mountains to hunt/find an orcishsettlement there in the caves and wipe it out...totally...That’s what I do....what I’ve always done since my...Her face goes sad, but she hides it quickly again and smiles weary to the girl. So have you travelled a lot?
Ethuil Fanulios 05/May/2003 at 09:07 AM
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*Ethuil notices the sad look on Ril’s face but decides to say nothing yet as not to push. Instead, she nods at the question* Aye, I have. Long have I lived and far have I travelled... By this time, there are few corners of the world I have not visited. Unlike many of my kin nowdadays, I love travelling, seeing new people, new faces... Strange cultures have always fascinated me, although in my homeland, some looked upon me as strange for a while because ot this. *smiles at the memory of gentle teasing* There was even a time when I went travelling only to escape someone whom I loved greatly but had not the nerve to speak to, but now, I do it for the joy of it, seeing that I have become recently engaged to my beloved. I take it that you also have seen many parts of the world? *smiles again*
Rilm 05/May/2003 at 09:14 AM
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Ril smiles back, warmed by the gentle character of this young elf. Yes I have travelled a lot. There’s practically no place in Arda I haven’t seen. And I think there are still so many lovely places to discover! Travelling is just in my blood I guess...everytime I think I have found a steady place to remain I find myself travelling again...And again it goes like this, that peace is disturbed and I have to leave...But don’t think I only travel when I’m needed somewhere, I travel for both necessety as for fun! I wonder where are you from? Have you travelled here or were you born here? Ril smiles to show interest but also really interested in the girls past.
Ethuil Fanulios 05/May/2003 at 09:22 AM
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*Nods in recognition at the travelling habit, then smiles a bit sadly, but still happy about Ril’s interest* I am afraid that I cannot tell you much about where I am from, for that, I do not know... I have no memory of my parents; but I have been raised in fair Lrien by the Galadhrim. I have been told that they found me one morning, sitting in a tree, only a few years old, and they took me in, named me and raised me. As far as I am considered, all the elves of Lrien are my family, and they are very dear to me, but I still like to visit the other elven homes when I have the chance and my duties as a sentry let me. How about you, then? Are you a Rivendell elf? *curious*
Rilm 05/May/2003 at 11:24 AM
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Ril smiled, feeling sorry for the fact that Ethuil didn’t know her parents, nor her birthplace...Another sad story she thought. By seeing the curious look upon Ethuil’s face she grins and tells her part of a story. I was born in Valinor not too short after the descrution of the trees. My parents raised me there together with my little brother who has returned there some years ago. My parents joined up with Fanor and his sons and left Valinor in search of adventure...So I guess it’s in my genes. Ril smiled, she had always greatly loved her parents. My brother and I stayed behind but followed later, only a few years before the downfall of Numenor....From that moment on I travelled a lot around Arda. She smiles again and sits down in the cool grass signalling to Ethuil to do the same. She takes out a flask with miruvor and offers some to Ethuil.
Ethuil Fanulios 05/May/2003 at 12:19 PM
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*Ethuil sits down and gratefully accepts the flask, keeping her voice soft since she is worried that the question she is about to ask might be offensive* So, if you do not mind me asking, for if you do, you need not reply; how come that one who has dwelled in the Blessed Realm and seems to live in a happy family willingly goes to seek danger the way you do? And *going a bit eager* pray tell, what is Valinor like? I have only ever heard of it through tales and stories.
Samthoniel 05/May/2003 at 12:55 PM
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The samurai got up from where he was laying on the grass staring at the sky. He was walking to get something to quench his thirst when he saw Laebeth bent over next to a prostrate figure. He went closer to investigate and noticed that it was Arele. He smiled at his mother and whispered a greeting before moving to a nearby spot to wait till his mother left and Arele awoke. He picked a blade of grass from the ground and started chewing on it.
Aragorn Elessar 05/May/2003 at 06:25 PM
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Arele opens her eyes and sees her grandmother gently stroking her hair. Sitting up abruptly, she looks around at her grandmother Lae, and Samu. Looking into her grandmother’s eyes, she feels herself crumbling. Surprised to feel the salty tang of tears on her lips, she quickly wipes them awayand steels herself againstany emotion
Sameach 05/May/2003 at 06:51 PM
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A young elf steps up to the Lord and Lady of Imladris and lays before their feet long woven cloths of water and air. "I bring these gifts to thee, that you may walk as one with water and air" the elf steps away, a few look into the youths eyes and glance away quickly for they spotted the age and sorrow of this elf and wonder how old this one was actually. The youth walks slowly over to the water and drops down beside it, a perfect picture of sorrow and sadness, the elf leaned it’s head towards the water as if listening.

Peeeg 05/May/2003 at 06:53 PM
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*Orom watches quietly from the shadows of the trees on the border of the garden. Seeing Arele lying silently in Lae’s arms, his thought’s turn to the twilit mere of Cuivienen where so long ago he stumbled upon the elves dancing under the stars. His heart had leapt then nearly as high as it is laid low now. Silently he asks Manw to send a soft breeze through the garden. Of Yavanna he asks for the fragrant breath of life from Ea herself. His thoughts now turn to Nienna, who turns hers to Arele and cries for her, relieving her of some of her pain, soothing her dreams with her soft song.
Slowly Orom sits down in the cool grass and waits for the Elf maid to wake.*

Aniroaldawen 05/May/2003 at 07:10 PM
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Ani smiles as she enters the beloved garden of I-Adab-Nuin-Elin.  "Mae govannen, my friends," she says softly to the gathered Elves, bowing deeply to Orome.  As she strolls along the garden’s paths, many memories enter her head.  Ani can barely remember her early life in the forest of Mirkwood with her Entish father and Elvish mother.  She does remember that when she was around ninety (very young for her, being of Elvish and Entish blood), Orcs came and raided her family’s house, killing both her parents.  Ani was discovered and taken to Rivendell.  For long years, she lived there as an Elf, her Entish side hidden inside her.  She was adopted by her dear mother Andi, and adopted several children of her own.  One of the happiest times of her life in Rivendell was her marraige to her beloved The Gaffer, a hobbit. She also recalls the adopting of each of her children with joy.  However, almost as joyful was Ani’s discovery of her Fangorn roots when her Entish side began to show, and her move and happy welcome to Fangorn, where she now dwells happily, though she travels all the time to be with her family.
Linwe Earfalas 05/May/2003 at 07:15 PM
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Linwe turns to her sister, Aredhel.  "Dear sister, it is so kind of you to listen to my troubles., but I do not wish to burden you with them.  i will always be there for you, like you have been there for me just now." 
Sameach 05/May/2003 at 07:25 PM
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The youth passes out of recolection of time and space as it thinks about the evils it had come through, having fought battle’s in another world and died the youth had waken up to find itself here it the land of Middle Earth, the youth (as many had called Sameach) was ever searching for a way back to it’s pleasent land and often wondered if it had been the land of the Valinor, but supposed not. Sameach had been frightened when first come to Middle Earth for many things were diffrent, for one thing there were "males" and "females" and Sameach had never heard of such a thing. Now after wandering Middle Earth for many a year Sameach had come to suppos itself a elf, but was never sure it it was male or female, although many had called the youth male. Tears fell from the youths eyes as it tried to recall the picture of it’s fair land and friends. Pain struck the youth chest as fear crept into the elf’s mind for it’s land.
Aragorn Elessar 05/May/2003 at 08:30 PM
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Arele sits up straight and looks around at those nearest to her. Standing up and walking away from the group, she is surprised to feel a gentle breeze rustling the tree-tops. Feeling tears falling down her cheeks, she makes no attempt to stop them but tries in vain to hide them. Blinking rapidly, Arele sinks onto the grass and wraps her arms around her body. Feeling more alone than she has before, Arele bows her head in silent prayer
Rilm 06/May/2003 at 05:16 AM
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Rilm is quite surprised by the question and indeed is torn between getting a bit angry or grinning. But she guess she should have expected this so she grins. I am not offended, though a bit surprised. Having lived in the Blessed lands doesn’t mean you’re not to seek out danger. But I guess the way it’s with me it might seem logical to have this question asked...A happy family live you say? With that Ril grins bitter and her voice grows harder. Yes my family is here, all my friends here are my family...I’ve been adopted into a family but mind your words, family is strong and you don’t know me well enough to judge me on that! I don’t seek out danger, it comes to me! I’m a Hunter and this is the way I was born to live...Let me give you some insight on my past, perhaps you’ll understand. And softly she begins singing the song of the hunter. It isn’t a nice song, but powerfull and chilling.

In these caves you run
Don’t turn
If you do
 you will burn!
Run and make my day
And I’ll take my part
In hunting you down...
scaring you...
untill you can take no more
You won’t pass heaven’s door

It is time to pay your toll
You can’t hide
though you may try
I’ll hunt you down
Untill you’ve paid
the loses I have made
You were bold enough to try
and defy me in my wrath
Though you’ll put up a fight
Know it’s your last!

You did me wrong
Love is no more
So it can’t stay my hand
You killed the dreams
That lived so long
You have crossed
the wrong path
And now you’ll taste
this Hunter’s wrath
Death is on your path

Silivren 06/May/2003 at 05:45 AM
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Sil’s eyes are dull as she enters I Adab-nuin-Elin, and her face is sombre and sorrowful. She hears the last echoing strains of Rilm’s song, and she sits by the rippling river. Her hand dips into the cool water, feeling the gentle touch of Nature caress her hand. Her eyes close as she meditates on her past life, and she lies on the sweet grass, all traces of sorrow taking flight into the air, until all that is left on her face is the innocent smile of a soft-hearted elf.
Ethuil Fanulios 06/May/2003 at 06:18 AM
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*Ethuil, suffering from the pain of Ril’s song, bows her head out of respect, placing one hand softly on the other elf’s arm.* I am truly sorry if my question upset you, friend; it was never my intention to drag old hurts out into the light- or even recent ones. And no, I do not judge you on anything- I never judge people, ’tis simply not my way. I have seen too much of the world to do such things. I have shoulders to cry on and ears that will listen, but not the heart nor the power to cast judgements upon ayone. It saddens me that no one seems to be without grief these times, and could I but undo it with willpower alone, I would. Life is too short, even to us elves, to fill it with pain and grief. *shudders*
Rilm 06/May/2003 at 06:30 AM
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Ril smiles kindly and lays her hand upon Ethuils’. Don’t worry that much kind friend! I’m glad your life is so peacefull at the moment and filled with happines...And I pray you’ll remain like this untill you return to Valinor. Again she smiles remembering the last question and she continues talking. Ah yes, you asked me about Valinor. Valinor is the most lovely place there is. It’s beauty is beyond that of even Lothlorien and songs and laughter are always heard there. The smell of flowers is more sweet and strong then here, where the world is going to waste...When you walk besides water the soft sound of the running water is like soft tinkling bells, the falling  waterfall like a choir that never stops siging...It seems even the lights are stronger there and more lovely. When you’re there the stars shine brighter and you can see more of them...Ril smiles telling all about her home under the waterfall. The people who live there and the beauty off it all.
Ethuil Fanulios 06/May/2003 at 07:20 AM
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*Ethuil looks somewhat distant at the marvellous description* I cannot even begin to imagine anything more beautiful than Lrien! And yet I doubt not your words. To behold the glory of Valinor must be fantastic indeed! *She smiles, but suddenly her face grows darker as an unwelcome memory invades her thoughts and she recalls how very close it was that her beloved left for the Blessed Realm, and tears start in her eyes though she works hard to prevent them from falling*
Leanan Sdhe 06/May/2003 at 07:27 AM
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Merl looks at Lae and Arele with a smile, and feels a presence in the garden of an odd nature. Glancing around, she wonders who it may be, that is sending out some sparks of happiness. As the breeze catches her hair and makes it dance in the wind, she spots her sister and walks to her, and sits down next to her, slipping her bare feet into the water of the stream. Grinning slightly, she takes some water in her hand and splashes it over Silivren’s face. Hello dear sister.. she whispers, smiling.

Laebeth 06/May/2003 at 08:50 AM
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The wind catches her hair, which flies in all directions as she looks after Arele. She had no words to express her feelings, and staye sitting on the ground, perhaps longing for solitude, perhaps longing for her granddagther to return. She had wished that her garden could be a place for joy as well as saddness, but saddness seemed to control it lately. She leaned her back against the tree, and shut her eyes, the water falling from them gracing her cheeks and changing the pain inside of her from something floating to something substant. Deep inside, she just wanted to curl up in a ball, but it wouldn’t be appropriate, and she had to act appropriate. And so she stayed there by the tree, tears flowing, words not coming, waiting for her granddaughter to come back.

Feanedhell 06/May/2003 at 08:59 AM
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feandhell arrives in the garden who seemed filled with sadness, as he sees Laebeth, alone, under a tree he realizes where this sadness comes from. he walks to Laebeth and without a word sits next to her, sometimes words are unnecessary, but a presence, he knows, can do good to someone. and he sits there staring at the stars waiting for laebeth to feel better, not knowing the reason of her sadness, but being there nonetheless.
Idril 06/May/2003 at 03:11 PM
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*The garden door softly opens, and Idril walks into the fair gardens of I Adab-nuin-Elin.  In different corners of the garden, by the stream and under the trees, she sees elves sitting in pairs or groups, some talking, some silent, some weeping... and some alone, seeking quiet and thoughtfulness.  Idril moves over to sit by the stream, her thoughts confused, in need of soothing.   A little way away she can see Silivren and Merlome, talking.  Rilome and another elf whom she has not yet met are sitting further away, also conversing.  Idril can sense the feelings of sadness, acceptance and grief, but also feelings of calm and contentment.   Leaning her head against a nearby tree trunk, she dips her hand in the water, watching the clear stream running over her hand and through her fingers... like time, never ceasing, always moving forwards.  She has come to think of her life as a stream itself, coursing from its source high in the mountains to its final resting place in the deep calm waters of Beleager.    A long and winding stream, its waters sometimes clear and sparkling like crystal and sometimes muddy and silted like a stagnant pool.  So many memories... so much time has passed.  Idril’s hand is stilled in the clear water, resting as she looks up into the starry sky.  Elbereth shines high in the sky.  Earendil is there, the Silmaril bound to his brow, his fate separated from that of Men and Elves.  Idril’s eyes fill with tears, the memory of her son and her husband suddenly becoming real and present in her mind...
Aragorn Elessar 07/May/2003 at 01:46 AM
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Arele dries her tears and slowly stands up straight. Facing into the wind, she feels the presence of her grandmother, a woman she has always been incredibly close to and linked with. Without making a lot of noise, Arele walks over to Laebeth, and gently places her arms around her. Tilting her head, so she is looking into her eyes, Arele whispers quietly enough so taht only those very close to them can hear: Laebeth, my grandmother. Please, don’t let my saddness get you down. Do not let my problems cloud your own perceptions of life. I can’t stand to see you so down, to see anyone so down on my account. This is a cross that I must bear, and I can’t pan it off to any of you. Don’t ask me to do it, I don’t want to trouble you with how I am feeling.’ Having said that, Arele turns and gingerly wraps her arms around her self. Talking out loud, but almost to herself, and to the wind she wonders ’Perhaps I should leave the garden? My being here is obviously causing pain amongst the others.’ She turns and makes for the exit...
Feanedhell 07/May/2003 at 01:52 AM
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*Feanedhell staying on the back while arele talked with her grandmother, makes a move to stop her from leaving* please don’t leave, yes we grieve for you, but your presence is alos a joy to us. by leaving you would only add to the grief present here. *he hugs her* and after all friends exists to share with each others, being it pain or joy. and believe me, your presence is more joy than pain, so stay with us, allright? *he watches arele in the eyes to show her that he is truly being honest with her.*

Samthoniel 07/May/2003 at 02:44 AM
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The samurai watches Arele and Laebeth... He sees Arele getting up to leave and still lays on the grass, his head resting on a stone. Unaware of the reason of the pain that is hurting two people very dear to him. He looks over at Feanedhell attempting to stop her. He is aware that it is something that greatly pains her and cannot be shared. He sighs, turns over and stares into nothingness, something that he is well used to.
Silivren 07/May/2003 at 04:23 AM
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Silivren’s eyes turn to her sister, her smile yet untouched from her face. Suddenly, her face shatters, and she stands up abruptly. "What is happening to all of us, Merl?" Her eyes become full of fear. "I have been burdened heavily in my life, but I feel pressure even now, in the peace of this garden." Her dark eyes turn to the cluster that Arele, Lae and Fean form, and Samu, who is lifelessly staring into space. She begins crying, watching Merl’s face crease in sorrow and angst for her family.

Laebeth 07/May/2003 at 05:02 AM
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"I understand," she replies, drying her tears, and looking her granddaughter into the eyes. When she rises, Lae pulls her down next to her again. "Don’t go. Please...I just want you to stay..."  She points to the small river. "I love that little river, but it is a small comfort to the real ocean. What do you say, do you want to come with me to Lindon for a while? We could go right now if you want to..just the two of us, or with someone?"

Aragorn Elessar 09/May/2003 at 02:12 AM
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Arele looks at her grandmother as she pulls her back down to sit. Turning her head to the little river, Arele smiles at the memories she has with her grandmother and mother there, during happier times. Listening to Lae as she asks if she would liek to go to Lindon, Arele sighs and leans back onto her grandmothers shoulder. Unable to speak, she just mutters one word: ’Yes’
Rilm 09/May/2003 at 02:51 AM
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Ril stands up again putting her hand on Ethuil’s shoulder. Mellon nin, I’m glad to have talked to you! I hope we’ll meet again. Now I have to go...Take care mellon nin, and don’t be sad! The sun keeps shining...always!
Ril walks over to Lae, but sees that this isn’t the right moment to go and talk to her. So she grabs a paper and some ink to write Lae a small note. She quickly wrote a note, not giving to much information, but enough. Lae knew about her past...Ril had told her about that... 

Dear Laebeth!
I wanted to talk to you, but found it was better not to at this moment.
I came here to ask you if you wanted to take care of Eldae and Slfast. I’m sorry I can’t wait for you approval for I really have to go. You’ll find them here in the garden. They don’t need much, but I feel  better to know they’re safe here with you.
I have to leave for the caves now, I’m going alone...Don’t worry though...I’ll be back!
~Luv, Ril~

Ril sighs. Of course she would come back...She always had....Again she sighs, looking a bit sad. She takes a white rose, attaches the note to it and lays it where Lae can easily find it. Then she pulls her cloak tight around her and she dissapears out of the garden into the shadows.

Aragorn Elessar 09/May/2003 at 03:30 AM
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As Ril approaches Lae to talk to her, Arele watches as Ril turns back from talking to Lae. Sighing, Arele stands up and beckons for Ril to talk to Lae now. Turning to Lae she says ’I’m going to sit by the river, I shouldn’t jeopardise your time like this. I’m so sorry, please talk to Ril, it obvious she has something of importance to ask you.’ Turning back to Ril, she smiles softly and nods her towards Lae. Arele turns to walk away, and settles herself near the river, away from everyone else, skimming the pebbles across the cool blue surface of the water...
Ethuil Fanulios 09/May/2003 at 05:53 AM
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*Ethuil watches Ril walk away and waves happily after her, but once alone, she has to fight back angry tears that insist on filling her eyes. She does not want to be unhappy, not now, not when things were this good... but still, unwelcome memories are doing their best to ruin her happiness. She sighs deeply and closes her eyes, focusing on the sound of running water and soft voices all around, and for a little while, that helps*
Laebeth 09/May/2003 at 07:39 AM
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Ril hands Lae the note, but before she has the time to read it, Arele leaves them for the two to talk alone. "Of course I’ll take them...ehm...that is, they can stay here in my house together with Arlo?" Lae answers. "I’ll be going to Lindon..right now, as a matter of fact." ril doesn’t sem to comfortable at the thought of Arlo taking care of her, but Lae gives her friend a quick hug, before running over to her franddaughter again. "Well, if you want to, you can borrow some clothes and a horse from me, and then we can leave before sunset! What do you say?"

Rilm 09/May/2003 at 08:27 AM
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Ril grins a bit surprised, hoping that Lae and Arele are doing wel. She had felt a bit uncomfortable with Arele giving Ril the chance to talk to Lae, but was gratefull aswell. She smiled to Arele and was glad that Lae would let Slfast and Eldae stay, be it that they would stay with Arlo, but that was fine aswell. She just had to remember he was the husband op Lae and it felt right...She watched as Lae returned to Arele and laughed inside herself, leaving the garden, glad to know her friends would be safe here...
Leanan Sdhe 09/May/2003 at 09:14 AM
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She looks surprised at her sister, standing up also and embracing her as she starts to cry. Ssh.. she whispers as she strokes her hair, oblivious to the fact of why her sister was acting this way. Hush, it’s alright. What happened my sister? What happened to you that you are in so much pain? she asks as she soflty pushes her back to the ground, still comforting her.

Estrel Tindme 09/May/2003 at 02:00 PM
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A lone, weary figure rides into I Adab-nuin-Elin on a black stallion who looks tired of the world. She dismounts, and pulls down the hood of her cloak, which was once as black as night but now has faded and been stained to a dull, gritty grey. An elflike face appears, and Estrel Tindme slowly walks forward to greet the other elves, her old friends. A confused look plays upon her face. She has not been to Rivendell for a long time and this visit is so different, because she is such a different person now... she watches the elves for a while before stepping forward to show herself, to see if they have changed. Then she takes a few steps out from behind a bush and says hesitantly, "Laebeth? Merl?"
Laebeth 10/May/2003 at 01:28 AM
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"Will you excuse me for another second," Lae asks as she hears the familar voice. "Youll find all you need in the house.."
She turns around, facing someone who she didnt think shed ever meet again. "Luvi...is it really you?" she embraces her sister tightly. "Ive missed you so much...and now youve just caught me leaving...but while Areles getting ready, tell me, how have you been?"

Leanan Sdhe 10/May/2003 at 04:08 AM
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As she hears a familiar voice she turns her head to see Luvi. Luvi! she says as she throws her a smile while still holding her sister. She couldn’t just leave Silivren, so she stayed where she was, softly whispering comforting words to her while throwing another smile to Luvi. She would greet her properly later.

Tinw 11/May/2003 at 10:10 AM
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*Audible to keen elven ears, there is a burst of distant laughter from the trees beyond the garden, from the wags who take sport at making silly songs about passing travellers. ’Have a care, filigod!’ someone cries gaily. ’They may dock your ears!’

A short time later, a small figure slips out from between the birches on the far side of the stream, skittering to a halt on the bank, momentarily at an impasse. Then she shrugs cheerfully, whispers a prayer to the waters, and totters her way across, carefully wiping the mud from her bare feet on the grass beyond. She looks around at the garden in awe.

Wisps of reddish-brown hair fall over her freckled face, making a bird’s nest around and over her ears; her blue eyes are guileless. A battered maple harp as ever is clutched to her chest, and bow and arrows of no great craftsmanship jostle at her shoulder. Glinting on the strap of her quiver is a single item of elven make: a gold buckle fashioned in the shape of a wren, no more than a bauble, but evidently a token. It looks to be of Mirkwood design.

Tongue-tied, Tinw makes her way towards the Lord and the Lady of the Hall, but she waits, conscious of ceremony and her betters. If anyone looks her way, she ducks her eyes in respectful greeting. The simple delight she exudes could be balm or tresspess, depending on one’s point of view, to this place hallowed by memory and sorrow.

A friel in the garden? Someone get a net! But she seems harmles enough, and the tune she was humming on her way across the stream was not one she learned among mortalkind.
Estrel Tindme 11/May/2003 at 10:25 AM
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"Not Luvi anymore," Rel says a tad sadly. "I am called Estrel now. But it’s so good to see you..." She hugs Lae tightly and closes her eyes, remembering all the times she spent in this place. "I’ve been..." She struggles to find words and finally says, "not very well. So much has happened. I needed to come here, I needed to rest." She looks at Lae with hazel eyes that seem empty and sorrowful. "I think I’ll stay in Imladris for a while, I think I’ll rest... see old friends..." She looks over at Merl and smiles slightly. "Catch up on what has been going on."
Ethuil Fanulios 11/May/2003 at 02:47 PM
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*Seeing that she is momentarily left alone, Ethuil tries to gather her thoughts and focus on something that makes her feel a bit better- she now realizes that she should have tried harder in getting her loved one to come with her; if anyone could use the peace and tranquility of this place, it would be him. A sharp pang of longing reverberates inside of her, and she swears that this shall be the last time she ever leaves his side. By doing so, she finally manages to push away all thoughts of horror, but her eyes remain dark for a while as she sits, looking around.*
Silivren 11/May/2003 at 10:59 PM
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Silivren sees Luvi enter I Adab-nuin-Elin, now under the name of Estrel. She smiles through the tears at Merl--for her kindness, her compassion, and beautiful spirit. "Thank you, my dearest sister," she whispers. With the peace of the tranquil I Adab washing over her, she is able to gather the strength she needs to rise and smile--a smile that shows Merl that she is able to go and greet her friend Luvi, and leave Sil to her own turbulent thoughts.
Laebeth 12/May/2003 at 08:30 AM
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"Estrel," Lae repeats thoughtfully..."My dear sister, you know you can stay here as long as you would like, my house is yours. Choose whichever guestroom you would like. If you are still here when I come back, we will talk." She looks the woman into the eyes for a moment...she does indeed seem more worn than the last time she saw her. "Estrel...tak care, will you? You have come to the right place, here you can rest. But now I have to go, Arele should be ready by now....ARELE? READY TO GO?"

Estrel Tindme 12/May/2003 at 02:16 PM
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"Thank you," Estrel whispers softly, stepping back from Lae and looking around. "I think I’ll stay here awhile, this holiday will do me good..." She spots Silivren heading towards her and a slight smile passes across her face as she recognizes a friend. Then she walks back over to her horse Manduloome and leads him to a spot where he can graze and rest in peace. Returning, Rel sits down on a bench next to a huge lilac bush and breathes in deeply, savoring the sweet fresh smell around her.
Tinw 12/May/2003 at 02:19 PM
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*Tinw draws her right hand to her shoulder and out, open-palmed, making courtesy to Lord and Lady both, but she does not intrude further on counsels or conversations between friends. She looks around, vaguely sensing burdens and sorrows which one so young can hardly comprehend. Abruptly, she drops to the grass with a faint rattle, bends herself around the lyre, and lets fingers and words speak for her, making an offering to the hearts of those who come here to find peace. The girl’s voice is earnest if not elven-fair; her Elvish passable if not perfect. She sings:

A Celebran, gelebren!          Oh Celebrian, silver-fair!
Anann io cr nan Annn.          Long ago she sailed to the West.
Gr n gr naeth a rhaw nangen.          Her heart held grief and her flesh was in pain.
Adel-awarthant chn a chr.          She left children and lord behind.

I Gaim Elrond Edhelolwen          The hands of Elrond Elven-wise
-ernir guru nestad dn,          had not the skill of healing her,
velethril n, egor -aun          his beloved, nor could he give
amdir a phen ammell anin.          hope to someone very dear to him.

Meleth n dhaer: -chebin          His love was great: he did not keep
velethril n, chiril velui.          his beloved, sweet lady.
Aun chervess n na Balannor           He gave his wife to Valinor
na nestad. Dorthant mi Ennor,          for healing. He stayed in Middle-Earth

beriol, triel, ’ni l               protecting, keeping watch, until
ndenged e-goth, cared e-dass.          the destruction of the Enemy, the completion of his task.
Gell thind: in edhil boe cired           A pale triumph: the elves must sail
a Elrond, iell awarthad.          and Elrond must relinquish his daughter.

Dan pedir ennas nestad farn          Yet they say there is healing enough in that place
na naeg bn, na naeth bn a nr.     for all pain, for all sorrow and grief.
Ennas melethril dn darthol          There his beloved waits for him.
athin. Gr n gr ’lass a hdh.          Her heart has joy and peace.

anglenna l aderthad ln,          The time of your reunion approaches,
dan dartho al-l andithin.          But stay a little while longer.
Si Iavas al-le mi Ennor,          Now it is autumn for you in Middle-Earth,
dan Iavas gr i laiss vainwain.          But Autumn has the fairest leaves.

Tinw smiles wistfully as she finishes, glancing over towards Laebeth and Arele in the manner of mortals who cannot look overlong at the sun.
Ethuil Fanulios 12/May/2003 at 02:26 PM
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*Ethuil cannot help but being moved by the beautiful song and smiles at Tinw.* That was truly beautiful, mellon- enough to make one weep. I believe I have fallen in love with the song, especially the last two lines. My familiy used to tell me something similar since they said that my hair had the color on autumn leaves, and that phrase reminded me of them. My compliments to you and your talent. *bows*
Tinw 12/May/2003 at 04:10 PM
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Tinw looks up at the elven lady and flashes a bright smile. "Le hannon, hrel. she thanks the woman respectfully. And I see they speak truth! Your hair is like the leaves blazing in autumn where I was born, before Dol Guldurs shadow turned Greenwood dark again. Such sweet music I heard in the night when I was little, the Wood-elves singing from afar elo, those voices still haunt my dreams! that I will be repaying the gift for the rest of my life. If I have pleased you, then I am content.
Silivren 12/May/2003 at 11:06 PM
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Silivren smiles warmly back at Rel, the beautiful Gondorian, once an elf. She hears in the background Tinw singing, a song fraught with sorrow and grief. "You sing of beautiful things, in our own language, mellon nin. I am sure that all people in this garden so peaceful will be touched by your song." Sil feels her heart lighten, and I Adab-nuin Elin once again work its magic on her.
"Often, when I am mourning, I will enter this fair home of my niece, and nephew-in-law, Elrond, and I will always leave with a soft smile on my face. Your song has brought me much joy, Tinw." Again, Sil catches Merl’s eye, and shows her sister that her heart is as carefree as it always was.
Ethuil Fanulios 13/May/2003 at 01:40 AM
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*looks at Tinw* Oh, but you have! You come from Greenwood? Oh, I remember well how it was before the Shadow crept back... *looks dreamy* I used to visit often and marvel at its beauty- but now it has been many years since I sat my foot there. I do dream, however, of returning sometime soon, and I hope that the darkness lingering there will soon be chased away again.
Aragorn Elessar 13/May/2003 at 01:55 AM
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Arele walks out of the house, and sees Lae there, waiting to go. Quickly wiping away any stray tears she has on her face. Lae, before we go, I have to do a few things.’ Squeezing her grandmother on her shoulder, Arele walks over to Fean and hugs him closely. ’You can never realise how much you mean to me, how much everything you says means to me. I have to go now, but when I get back we have to talk, you really are a gift from Eru to me.’ Looking him in the eyes, Arele leaves and crosses over to Samu. Seeing him lyign there, staring off into space, she feels the tiny little bit of the heart alive in her, break and shatter. Reaching out her hand, she pulls him up into a standing position. Hugging him tightly, she looks into his eyes and leave so many things unsaid. Walking away quickly, Arele stands near the gate, making no hassles or noise. Feeling the tears run down her cheeks, she makes no attempt to stop them, but hides her face in the sleeve of her robe, until she feels her grandmother, Lae, tapping her on the shoulder...
Tinw 13/May/2003 at 09:48 AM
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Tinw’s fingers continue to drift over the strings, adding a sweet mortal strain of music to the immortal plash of waters: something like the little falling leaves that patter down from the ancient trees. She smiles up at Ethuil with a child’s faith. "Greenwood will be great and green again, someday, though perhaps not in my lifetime," she declares, "For the Dark cannot win over the Light forever, and the power of the Elves is great. I know you will take back your own someday."
Ethuil Fanulios 13/May/2003 at 10:02 AM
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*Ethuil smiles back* I am sure you are right, mellon nn. And once that happens, I will be sure to come and visit once again. Right now, the Galadhrim are fighting hard to keep the darkness at bay, and it has yet to overcome the light of our Lady. There is stil hope; and as long as there is hope, darkness can never truly win. There is a song that I like to sing whenever I am in doubt, and it gives me strength. I know not who wrote it, for it was not I, but it always makes me want to carry on. *Slowly sings a snatch of song*

’Or waith bain nura Anor            Above all shadows rides the Sun
A panl elin cuinar                      And stars always dwell 
-pedithon "i-aur gwann"          I will not say "the day is done"
Egor nai l "navaer"                     Or to the stars "farwell"


Tinw 13/May/2003 at 02:29 PM
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*Tinw tears up a bit. "Oh... that’s my favorite song. First thing I ever tried to put into your language, milady." She can’t help but accompany the elven lady, though her voice is a little shaky.*


Vi dyr ennui nu Anor
Ned echuir lyth eriar
In yrn ethuiwar, nin nurar
Ar aew verin linnar.

Ennas d alfanui
A ferin ’irith gerir
I elenath, viriath fain,
Vi finnel gelfib n.

S na veth bden im derel
Vi dath dofn tummen.
Atham meraid velig a tynd
Athan eryd bain beraidh

Or ’waith bain nura Anor
A panl elin cuinar
-pedithon ’i-aur gwann’
Egor nan ’eil namari.

**OOC: this is "in western lands" sung by Sam; the tune is from the BBC radio dramatization. **
Ethuil Fanulios 13/May/2003 at 02:37 PM
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*Even Ethuil tears up a bit, even though she does not usually approve of crying in public as the voices of the two elves entwine. Once it is over, she sits down somewhat shakingly.* That was one of the songs that my family used to sing to me as a child... it has taught me so much; to always hope and never give in... It has given me more strenght during times of distress than anything else. *whipes at face with sleeve*
Tinw 14/May/2003 at 11:56 AM
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Tinw glances over her shoulder at the other Elves that move in stately communion through the garden. She chews her lip, again torn between wanting to sing, wanting silence, wanting to share, wanting to defer to those already here, in whose home she is still a new-come guest. But the kindness of Ethuil has emboldened her, and somehow in this place she finally finds voice for the tale in her heart, the clumsy words and rhythm of her birth-race’s speech which she uses so seldom. She is singing this time as it comes to her, artless, unplanned:

Filigod looks out in the grey morning
And the rain comes sifting down.
No dawn, no sun a-borning;
Damp is thatch and stone.

The trees glisten darkly in the mist
Their bark is broken, old
But beyond all this a shadow hissed
Father, my heart is cold.

Filigod, little wren, my child,
One tale yet unspoken
Of the evil that touches the wild
Its truth must now be broken:

In the west of the greening wood we love
Lies a tower of sorcery cruel.
A hand lies within that stony glove
Wielding Mordor’s rule.

They say the elves drove the Dark Lord forth
But some shadow still remains,
And now again it stretches north
To challenge the Elves’ domain.

So we must go, my child sweet,
Find homes in the world of men.
Go out. Feel earth beneath your feet
Elven-blessed; you won’t again.

She dashes into the forest eaves
With the rain caressing her cheeks
And tears; she kisses the curling leaves
And knows not what she seeks.

The wood is silent. She strains her ears
For a sound that touches her dreams:
Elven-voices singing from afar
Like Greenwood’s lilting streams.

No sound. No trace. The wood is still.
She presses her face to the bark
Of the birches fair on the crest of the hill
Where her mother’s grave is marked.

And for one foolish moment she means
To dash in the wood and be lost:
Some arrow the hunter forgot to glean
To be bent and warped by the frost.

But she is brave. She’ll see the world
Before she judges it ill
And her father’s calling his nestling girl
To come down from her mother’s hill.

They carry but little to the forest’s edge
And the great river sheeting south,
Whispering to them in its bed of sedge
Of the sea and great ships at its mouth.

Small their boats, by their father’s hand
Hewn of their own forest’s trees,
And they shove off for distant lands.
Filigod turns and sees

A gleam of gold on the farther shore
And her eyes are awed and wide
Father, the forest I see there
May we not seek the other side?

No, Filigod, you know what’s hidden
Beneath those gold-blessed boughs
To mortal feet that land’s forbidden
With men we must abide now.

Silent she is and speaks no word
For the journey; even her lyre,
Her father’s last gift to the little bird
Does not sing with young heart’s fire.

Nor does she cry out when his boat fails
At Sarn Gebir, and is gone.
Nor does she weep when her brothers pale
Fish their little bird out of Anduin.

No sorrow touches her, nor pall
Til they reach the world of men,
And then she wakes, and sees the walls
They bid her to nest within.

Like the white tree, weeping, she stands,
With a fountain’s spray touching her face
The speech of the city is Elvish. She can
For a moment imagine their grace.

But the moment’s gone, dim shadows loom
Of tower, forbidding stone
Straight lines, walls, mortar’s gloom
And Mordor’s. This is not home.

Down from the Tower of Guard she flees
Down to the city gates
Out across the Pelennor’s leas
And nothing her dread abates.

There are Mordor’s teeth. They gnaw
The sunrise, the very sky.
Is there no forest, no leafy hall
Where a filigod can fly?

Over her shoulder, a yearninng glance
To the river that bore her here
Draws her young eyes north, where golden dance
The leaves and the fallow deer.

No mouse is she, to cower in a well
Bone-dry, when the cloudburst comes.
If die she must, then die she will
In the lands of Elvendom.

Foot by foot, she begins to stray
And her feet are very small.
The lyre feeds her along the way
In a shepherd’s or farmer’s hall.

Her eyes are bright. Somewhere ahead
Are trees worth any pain
Of heart or feet. She feels no dread.
She will hear Elves again.

Shiokaze 14/May/2003 at 12:32 PM
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*An amber-haired elf swings wearily off her horse, looking as if there is no joy left in life.   Slowly moving to a small rock by the stream, she seats herself and stares desolately into the water, murmuring to herself.*  Why is it that love is the greatest happiness and also the greatest sorrow?   What is, is.  I must accept that.  Hearts cannot be changed.  *As she brushes a short strand of hair out of her sapphire eyes, you can see a single tear roll down her cheek and fall with nary a sound into the gentle stream.*   
Silivren 17/May/2003 at 05:32 AM
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*Sil turns to Tinw, breathless, as she listens in complete rapture to the tale Tinw so easily weaves in her flowing melody--caught aloft the wind, to bring tidings to every heart, near or far.* "You speak of amazing, wondrous things, my friend." She is crying without reason as she hears the song. "Few could sing as you do, and I am glad to have come to I Adab-nuin-Elin, if only to hear your poignant tale."

Laebeth 17/May/2003 at 05:48 AM
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"We will go now," she tells her friend, and as she turns, embaraces ehr tightly. "I...It will be nice to see the Ocean again, don’t you think? I know I’d like that very much..." she swallows hard, and points towards the garden, where now two horses are standing. "You can borrow Silivren Gwaew," she points to the black stallion. "Just call him Gwaew for short..the white one, Mron is mine. He is getting old poor dear..perhaps I’ll have to go to the Brown Lands to let him spend his final days there. He is still fast though, I have yet to see a foal beat him!" She checks that everything where it is supposed to be in her saddle-bags, and mounts her horse. "Everyone needs a vacation once in a while," she smiles to Arele, as they leave the garden and Imladris together.

Ethuil Fanulios 17/May/2003 at 06:09 AM
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*Ethuil is actually weeping openly now, not only for the sake of the beautiful Greenwood which she has always loved, but also for the sake of the sad story, and once the song has ended, she discovers to her horror that she can’t actually speak right now- what good would words do, anyway?- so she simply clasps Tinw’s arm, hoping that she’ll understand.*
Tinw 17/May/2003 at 11:25 AM
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Tinw’s blue eyes are watering too, and she gives Lady Ethuil a grateful glance and awe, there is still awe in this youngster, for the touch of a hand elven-fair on her mortal skin and for a moment the little bird from Mirkwood is solemn. "Think not your slender arrows and shining blades protect only your people," she whispers. "Think not that all of the stray children of Haleth and Bor dread you, or speak ill of the Lady Galadriel. Think not that your songs do not spill from your leafy borders like dandelion’s silken seeds blown on the wind. We hear you, my Masters. Your ancient sorrows and joys touch ears which are humble, and we may not altogether understand; yet we catch a glimpse of Elder Days, like one last coal still red in the fire, and for some of us that one coal is bright enough to warm the heart all our days, carry us above our simple lives."

Then she breaks into her customary smile. "But ah, dear masters, that is a friel’s tale, and it should not bring sad Greenwood’s shadows to Imladris’ fair vale! I should bring you a wren’s sweet piping, tales of all the leaves of spring I have seen on my long journey here." She bends over her lyre once more, seeking a brighter tune. "Also my name is Tinw, "little star, spark", and I’d be honored by both of yours."
Ethuil Fanulios 17/May/2003 at 02:14 PM
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*Ethuil bows deeply before Tinw* Your name is indeed appropriate, mellon nn, for the sound of your song and the sight of the stars are equal in beauty. And I thank you for your words- it is a great comfort to know that there are still those who value the friendship that has been- and in some parts of the world, still is. And please, do not look at me with awe- I am merely an individual, like you, and though an elf, I have my flaws and errors. Your words are beautiful and have great joy for me- as would they have for the Lady of Light, were I permitted by you to repeat them in front of her once I have returned. *smiles* And please know that for your friendly words and haunting song, the Lady Ethuil Fanulios (meaning "spring everwhite" (ooc: although originally "fanuilos", mis-spelling by beloved one)) will forever be in your debt and service.
Tinw 18/May/2003 at 06:03 PM
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Tinw ducks her head in return, the spark in her eyes brightening when she hears the lady’s name. "That fits," she murmurs. "Well--" her hands drift across the strings, picking out a part of an old song she hums under her breath--

i gam velethril nn gr vr
i im -genin.
i gam velethril nn gr nin:
i-gennen anvain.

(The hand of my beloved holds a jewel
which I do not see.
The hand of my beloved holds me:
the one I see is fairer.)

"-- I am glad to find a friend so soon hiril Ethuil. Now if only I could give a ’spark’ to some of these others, here, for sometimes burdens are so heavy on shoulders so old! I see tales all around me in the depths of Elven eyes-- tales I’d love to know, tales I’d dare to make a song about, when I am a better harper."
Ethuil Fanulios 18/May/2003 at 11:40 PM
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*Ethuil smiles reassuringly, eyes widening in joy at the song* There is no need to wish for further skill, mellon nn, for as far as I can tell, your playing is as close to perfection as any I have heard. *looks around and continues, a bit more quiet:* And true, with great age comes not only great wisdom but also great grief- even the Lord of this fair place is far from free from it, and I myself also know what it is like. *sighs, but then looks back to Tinw and smiles* I am sure that many here would be honored to be mentioned in one of your songs- as I am sure that they would love to hear you play. If you only had the courage to let them hear you, I truly believe they would listen.
Tinw 19/May/2003 at 12:57 AM
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"They will hear me," young Tinw says, her young face almost humorously determined. "But first I must listen and learn. Will you help me, hiril fael?* Introduce me to your people, when it won’t be an intrusion? Tell me about the place to which I’ve come? Imladris, its ancient name I know, and I’ve heard something of its lord and Master, but so little crosses beyond the mountains and Greenwood’s dark eaves. I’ve only heard broken legends. I’ve come for truth. Do High-elves really still dwell here? Did you see the Trees?"

(*kind/noble/just lady)
Aragorn Elessar 19/May/2003 at 01:51 AM
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Arele walks over with Lae to the horses and mounts Gwaew. Running her hands through his mane, she bends over and softly draws in her breath to take in the elven horse smell. Turning slightly, Arele makes her way out of the graden, thinking of the ocean and what lay ahead, with her and her grandmother. Pulling Gwaew up next to Lae, Arele reaches out and squeezes her grandmother’s hand. Riding up ahead and unlatching the gate, Arele and Lae ride off...
Ethuil Fanulios 19/May/2003 at 04:05 AM
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I will do all I can to help *Ethuil says with a smile*, but in all honesty, I believe that someone who is a habitant of Imladris would have information that is more accurate. I myself was brought up in fair Lrien by the Galadhrim, and even though I have travelled here many more times than I can count and consider this to be my second home, it is my belief that one who has spent his enitre life here will do the history of this fair valley more justice. But yes, it is true that some of the High Elves still dwell here; some of which I am sure you have heard. *Pauses and smiles distanty, speaking as if to herself* Alas, the Trees I did not see, for their destruction was brought about before I was born. That, I believe, is my only true regret. *After pausing for a moment, Ethuil’s gaze is once more focused, and she looks at Tinw* You say you want an introduction? Why of course; I am sure none here wold look upon that as an intrusion, and should you ever come to the fair city of Caras Galadhon, I would be more than happy to introduce you there as well.