• Happy 121st, Professor!

    The 3rd of January, 1892, a man was born who ended up writing some pretty decent books. Here's a virtual toast to the one and ten dozen years since, and to all the entertainment, education, and solace people have found in Tolkien's works!

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    1. Moriel's Avatar
      Moriel -
      Happy Birthday, Professor!!
    1. Dorwiniondil's Avatar
      Dorwiniondil -

      My toast will become unvirtual this evening.
    1. geordie's Avatar
      geordie -
      Happy Birthday!
    1. Chrislove22's Avatar
      Chrislove22 -
      This is exhausting having so many major holidays in a row.
    1. Imin's Avatar
      Imin -
      Happy Birthday, Professor! I think my toast will become unvirtual tonight as well :)
    1. Globmd's Avatar
      Globmd -
      Happy Birthday! Gaudium nostrum videat; sicut rationem gaudii nostri fecit!
    1. Troelsfo's Avatar
      Troelsfo -
      “The Professor!”

      . . . and happy twelfty-first!
    1. Gh0st!'s Avatar
      Gh0st! -
      Happy birthday and thank you to the Professor!

      Chrislove22 -