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    by Published on 08/Dec/2012 11:56 PM     Number of Views: 3838 
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    So... This post is supposed to be the first post on the plaza's new ...er.... plaza. The honour feels a little staggering, though I feel it should be Faldras'. Except of course he is just too tired right now.

    New plaza is now up, and it's running using VB software. The first thing you may notice is a slightly different look and feel, and this is something we are working on improving and streamlining over the coming weeks and months.

    However, the changes are not at all superficial; this upgrade has changed us, down to the programing language. You will notice that it is easier to sort threads in fora, for instance; one hopes things will just load faster. Slowly you will begin to see more and more things crop up that were just harder to get before.

    In the meantime however? You need to reset your password. Aren't we ALL happy we updated our emails when that big red flashy home page announcement asked us to a few months ago... And yes. This IS how long Faldras has been working on it.

    Est edit: If you have any problems logging in to this wonderful new plaza, or any other problems associated with the move, please e-mail us at admins@lotrplaza.com

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