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    by Published on 13/Jan/2014 09:20 PM

    The new year has been heralded in with lots of pretty fireworks - well, for me anyway, I have no idea what new year's traditions reign in other countries! =) - and fun with friends. I hope the last evening of 2013 was just as enjoyable for you guys.

    With the start of a new year comes several changes for the Plaza, both good and bad ones. After bidding fond farewell to Sur Vanar Utírieste last month when she stepped down from her position of Ruler of Eriador and gave up the bearded elf, at the waning of the year we also had to say goodbye to Haflin, who sadly had to give up his position as Ruler of Wilderland because of a demanding RL. We wish the both of them the best of luck and love in their lives and hope they will return to us again when they're able.

    Of course there's some exciting new things going on as well! In Movies, discussion on the Desolation Smaug is still going strong. Have an opinion on Tauriel, the barrel race or Thranduil? Who am I kidding, of course you do! Come share it in the Movies forum!

    Want a more in-depth discussion on the immunity of elves or have a burning question about the Lord of the Rings? Basic Lore is the place to be.

    As mentioned in the previous front page article, The Lotr Book Club has started on Tolkien's birthday, January 3. Currently we're discussing the Foreword, with the Prologue discussion on the verge of being opened as well. If you want to (re-)read the Lord of the Rings (again) and discuss it with your Plaza peers, do keep an eye on the Lotr Book Club subforum in Books!

    It's not all Lore, naturally. The Regions are full of roleplay opportunities to explore Middle-earth.

    Eriador is celebrating the turning of the year with the Winterlude festival. Hobbits are getting drunk at the Mathom-house, Elves are racing fire-ships through the Gulf of Lune or hunting in the Rivendell Garden, and Men are Carolling and getting into snowball fights in Bree and the Lone Lands. Does any of this sound like your cup of tea? Then get ye to Eriador!

    The Western Mountains are not one to let a good party opportunity go to waste. The Freablod family has worked tirelessly to prepare another Mettarë banquet to chase away the cold of winter. If you want cosy fires, good tales and pleasant company, then the banquet is the place to be.

    Wilderland is working hard on re-energizing the region under the watchful eye of Beliowen, and I'm told a lot of new and old interesting threads are in the pipeline. Just today the Tavern of the Golden Moon opened its doors in Dale, the best place for a good brew in all of Wilderland. Many more threads will be opened or revamped in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

    Want to ring in the New Year in style? Then put on your best gown or suit and attend the Midwinter Ball in the Shadowed Lands! It's all class, dancing and fine dining here, so bring your brightest smile and your best dancing shoes and come join the fun!

    Of course, these are but a few of the many opportunities for fun RP posed in the Regions. Go exploring, you never know what you might find.

    If you come across something amazing while on adventure, don't forget to tell us! We would all like to enjoy the best our plaza has to offer, so if an RP post moved you to tears or to laughter, if a Lore post is so insightful that you have come to appreciate the writings all the more, if a piece of art in the Cottage should be known by everyone, PM me or email us at admins@lotrplaza.com and you might see it featured here on the front page.

    Have fun everyone!
    by Published on 23/Dec/2013 03:05 PM

    'tis the season to be jolly. Another year is almost over and it brought all of us ups and downs, though hopefully more ups than downs! One always gets a bit nostalgic at the end of the year, right? You get to thinking about all the things you did this year, all the things you achieved, everything you gained and, maybe, lost. And after reminiscing about the past, you get to wondering about the future! Everything the new year will hopefully bring, the luck and love and happiness with which you fill find yourself surrounded in the coming days.

    Plaza-wise, the new year does bring some excitement. It hasn't been that long since the release of The Desolation of Smaug, the second part of the much-discussed movie adaptation trilogy of Tolkien's The Hobbit. Once again it proves to be the source for many (heated) conversations on its merits and faults, which can be found in our Movies forum. And then of course we will have the third and final part, There and Back Again, in cinemas December 2014. In the mean time we'll probably be regaled with tales from the set and the Extended Edition of The Desolation of Smaug will offer us more insights on the making of the trilogy.

    As regards the books on which these cinematic works were based, the Plaza Members are planning a Lord of the Rings readthrough in the Books forum! A special subforum was created for this purpose; if you've been wanting to (re-)read Tolkien's epic novel, be sure to check it out and join in! I know I am!

    Recently we also promoted four excellent members to the position of Lore stewards, to help LotR with the overseeing of the Lore fora. If all goes well, this type of position may be popping up in other areas as well in the coming year... So be sure to keep an eye open for that!

    We will try to keep the front page more up to date this year with newsflashes about the Plaza and anything Tolkien-related as well in the coming year; if you have anything you think should be featured here, an awesome thread or news from the outside world about Tolkien and his works, let us know! You can reach us through admins@lotrplaza.com or via PM.

    But for now, let me end with wishing you all the best holidays and a happy new year on behalve of the entire Valinor team, and we hope to see you return to us in 2014!
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