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    Is Tauriel is LOTR?

    Now I know this is shaky evidence but I was rewatching the Fellowship of the Ring yesterday with my girlfriend and we spotted this unlikely red-headed companion of Legolas' in the background....
    And Immediately thought of Peter Jackson and Co.'s new 'for the movies' character Tauriel.

    Now does this picture:

    Look like this one:

    I suppose it's up to the viewer's discretion, but unless we have a tear-jerking death scene at the end of the movie/s, I would have thought that Tauriel would have stayed on with Legolas and perhaps come to Imladris with him in 3018...

    So it's not impossible...

    But the real question is, did Jackson and Co. plan this intentionally or was this a lucky mistake?
    Did they actually go back and comb over the previous footage just to match up a few frames?
    Did they design her with red hair, just to fit it in that little bit more with the previous movies?
    Was Tauriel, or at least the idea of her in the works all along?
    And... will we ever know the real answer?

    I leave it to you!

    Safe Journeys and Happy Hunting all,

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    Winterwolf: being a romantic myself, I have decided to myself that Tauriel is more than only battle companion to Legolas. I don't know what JP makes of it, or that he assigned her to someone else. I guess though that the red-haired elf from the LOTR serie is a male character, but fuzzy as the photo is, it could be female as well. Male elves don't wear their hair so long as the females elves do.

    But I would surely go for Legolas in love with Tauriel and back off course; and getting married after the last war, even it's just for myself. *g*
    I don't really care what the real truth is, as long I like it. There isn't a single note of romance in the Hobbit 1 movie so far. I hope there is some in Hobbit 2, but not in some elder man - generation younger woman, unless she is near the same age as him, with the emphasis on shared life-experience.
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    I'm pretty sure that it's a coincidence, but if so, it's a potentially Figwit-level coincidence. Great eyes, Winterwolf! :D

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    Hahaha thank you Eldorion but I must admit it was the keen eyes that spotted this were my girlfriend, Ithiliarn's.:D However I feel I must take some credit for my fantastic photo cropping skills

    Quite true, Lady Akari. I very much like the idea of the two together and hope that they have cast her like that in the movie, just because I'm interested to see how they have an elven couple interact.

    Indeed.. Every good epic needs some romance and some squishy bits in it!!
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    What if Tauriel dies in The Hobbit 3 ??
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    If I recall correctly, Jackson has denied any romantic connection between Tauriel and Legolas; rumors have suggested instead that she and Kíli will be the token romantic insertion.

  7. I'm not sure whether the frame is what inspired Tauriel but I am, however, entirely sure that the addition of her character has turned me off of the movies entirely. I will of course still see the second as to be fair in my judgment, but I have no actual hope. The hobbit movies have turned into PJ own personal fanfiction.

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    Most probably it is simply a quirk. If I am not mistaken, they had a sort of template for the different elven races. We saw a lot of colour in Rivendell, greys in Lorien, and green and brown on Legolas. With regards to hair colour there also seems to have been this trend. Tauriel and this elf simply fit into the Mirkwood template. I am sure that the character of Tauriel was an after thought of the Hobbit, since in effects there is no female character in the book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magradhaid View Post
    If I recall correctly, Jackson has denied any romantic connection between Tauriel and Legolas; rumors have suggested instead that she and Kíli will be the token romantic insertion.

    Which is totally retarded. Sorry, it's just stupid to me. I'm finally adjusting to the fact that she will be in it, and kind of okay with it now, but if there is a romantic connection between those two, I will probably vomit a little in my mouth in the cinema. [Aside from the fact that they are different races (I'm not opposed to it because they are different races, but because it is very...un-canon at that point in history) but also because he's short. If they make them the same height or close to it, I'm gonna throw a fit.] I think that Arwen and Aragorn's story was waaaay over-done in the Trilogy, and was really hoping that this "trilogy" would not have to use romance as a 'filler'. In LOTR, if they had skipped most of the mushiness and stuff, maybe they would have had room for the Scouring of the Shire, or Tom Bombadil or something. (Not that Tom was the most interesting part of the book, but still, you get my point.)
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    Your girlfriend has Elvish eyesight Winterwolf !

    Personally I think it is probably but the same wig from Fellowship of the Ring, which is now starring in the Hobbit, rather than the same character. As regard to Tauriel being a love interest of Legolas, or important enough to him to have accompanied him to Imladris in 3018, I really hope that she is not supposed to represent so significant an acquaintance to a major character. Hopefully she is merely Peter Jackson's intention to inject more female presence into his latest film trilogy, in an attempt to lure in a bigger fanbase. Having also brought in Galadriel to the Hobbit trilogy, via the White Council, I would have thought that should have been adequate. Did he learn nothing from the massive objections which were voiced to the very concept of Arwen fighting in Helms Deep ? *sigh*


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